Kogan puts music on hold for laughs

JONATHAN Kogan is a man of many talents — but, for now, he is concentrating on his comedy.

The Londoner has launched himself into the world of stand-up, having started making comedy videos while studying at the University of Nottingham.

But he is also bassist and songwriter in rock band Area 11, who have released a number of albums and singles.

“We aren’t massive, but we have fans around the world and we have toured all over the place,” Jonathan told me.

“It is good fun but, at the moment, my heart is in comedy.”

The 33-year-old recently returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he was part of the Hate ‘n’ Live show.

The late night show saw audience members write down the things they hate and put them in a bucket for Jonathan and his fellow comedians to talk about. Special guests included Geoff Norcott and Simon Evans.

Jonathan, whose parents Lynn and Barry are both lawyers, was raised in North London.

He described his Jewish upbringing as “not super religious, but we kept kosher at home and went to shul on the high holy days”.

He started his comedy career while reading philosophy at university.

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