You'll Never Forget this show

The Band at the Manchester Opera House

IT'S the fastest selling UK tour in history – and with very good reason.

The Band, set around the music of “boyband” Take That, is a fantastic tribute of just what it means to be a music fan.

Despite the musical's five male singers landing their parts through the BBC talent show Let it Shine, this production is not the story of Take That.

It actually tells of five teenage girls and what music means to each of their lives.

They don't all get on, but are brought together by their love of The Band.

Written by Tim Firth and co-produced by four members of Take That, there are cultural references aplomb, including Smash Hits magazine, Top of the Pops and a giant television screen which showed Ceefax, the BBC's late, lamented teletext information service.

To top off a wonderful performance, there was the unexpected arrival, at the end, by three members of the original Take That.

Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen were greeted by screams of sheer delight.

And there was an added extra surprise with the arrival of Sixties Scottish pop icon Lulu, who joined them to perform their 1994 hit Relight My Fire.

It is definitely a show you will Never Forget seeing.


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