Subject of Amanda’s debut novel was signposted to her

AMANDA Weinberg couldn’t believe her eyes when she drove into a beautiful Tuscan village with her husband, Julian, and noticed a sign which read ‘Sinagoga’.

They had arrived in Pitigliano, but were unaware of its rich Jewish history.

More than 20 years later and the couple own a home in the village, while Amanda’s debut novel, The Tears of Monterini (Red Door Press, £8.99), which will be published on Wednesday, is based on events which took place there.

Set in the fictional village of Monterini during the fascist period, it explores the lives of two families, one of Catholic farmers, the other Jewish intellectuals.

Jacobo works in the family bookshop and Angelo makes good wine by singing to the grapes. Their children, Bella and Rico, grow up and fall in love.

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