Honeymoon in Tel Aviv

TAKE YOUR PICK: Quentin Tarantino, left, and wife Daniella Pick light the Chanucah candles with his father-in-law Tzvika

FILM director Quentin Tarantino took his new bride, Daniella Pick, to Israel for their honeymoon.

The couple headed to Tel Aviv just days after their wedding in Los Angeles to spend Chanucah with Daniella’s dad, music legend Tzvika Pick.

Tzvika had been too ill to travel to the wedding so they shared some celebratory doughnuts and wine.

Reservoir Dogs director Quentin and Daniella have been keeping Israel’s paparazzi busy as they were followed around Tel Aviv and Herzlia.

Although on Tuesday, Quentin lost his temper a little and gave a photographer the finger.

It’s better than setting Mr Pink on the snapper.

Stars are duped

AMERICAN celebrities have been duped into making videos with coded antisemitic messages for a group of white supremacists.

The GDL (Goyim Defence League) used social media platform Cameo to fool the stars, including former American footballer Brett Favre, actor Andy Dick and rapper Soulja Boy.

Favre makes £400 for each video — and has recorded more than 50 since April.

One of his messages refers to the USS Liberty, an American ship fired upon by Israeli forces during the Six-Day War in 1967 that Israel mistook for an Egyptian ship.

But Favre had the last laugh — he donated his fee to charities fighting hate and bigotry.

Messi joins Beitar!

FAN: Lionel Messi, right, receives his membership card

FOOTBALL icon Lionel Messi took solace from not winning the Ballon d’Or by joining Beitar Jerusalem’s fan club. Beitar’s owner, businessman Moshe Hogeg, presented the Argentinian with a membership card at an event in Barcelona.

Meawhile, Tottenham Hotspur-supporting Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis wasn’t unduly down after his team’s 4-2 defeat by Arsenal. “It was a gift. After all, it is the season of goodwill,” he told the Jewish Telegraph.

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