For sale – Corbyn’s seder beetroot

JUST when we thought that the story of Jeremy Corbyn’s attendance at that distasteful Jewdas “seder” was behind us, another twist to the sordid tale has emerged.

This week, the beetroot which the Labour leader took to the now-infamous event was offered for sale in an online auction.

Corbyn had grown it in his allotment . . . and at the Israel-bashing group’s “seder” it was put on a plate and held aloft.

Quite why anyone would want to bid for it is beyond us. But amazingly, it could be sold — pickled — for £50,000!

Just like traditional maror, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Enrique concert moves – and that’s final

POP idol Enrique Iglesias sold out his Israeli concert in super-quick time.

But organisers have now moved the show at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park from Saturday, May 26 to the following day . . . because it clashed with the UEFA Champions League final.

Enrique may be a heartthrob, but he can’t compete with football.

Brains and beauty

BRAD Pitt seems to have gone for brains, beauty and Israeli.

Haifa-born Neri Oxman has been linked to the actor by the New York Post’s Page Six gossip.

The 41-year-old lectures in design, architecture and material ecology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

And she studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion Institute in Haifa.

Two years ago, The Jerusalem Post named Oxman as one of its 50 most influential Jews.

And if the rumours are true, she will find herself featuring in more globally-recognised papers.

Rabbi has last laugh

WHO said rabbis don’t have a sense of humour?

Certainly not the incumbent at Cheshire’s Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation.

Shul minister Rabbi Chanan Atlas announced from his pulpit that poor Shacharit attendances necessitated services to be cut from seven mornings to just Mondays and Thursdays.

His congregants were aghast and looked glum — until he giggled “April Fool!”, according to member Fay Wertheimer.

WHEN Israeli police officers found a weak and neglected dog outside Beersheba, their first thought was to reunite it with its owners.

So they called a man who had reported a missing Siberian huskie.

He told them there was an easy way to confirm if the dog was his — just play the theme song to his favourite TV show, Shemesh (which went off the air in 2004), and see if it sings along.

When they did so, the huskie perked up immediately — and started to howl with joy. The owner then had an emotional reunion with his dog — which licked his face with delight.

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