Singer tapes eyes to avoid women

ORTHODOX Jewish law forbids men from watching women dance in case it excites them.

So singer Yonatan Razel solved the problem . . . by sticking tape over his eyes.

It happened while he was singing and playing the keyboard at a women-only concert in Jerusalem as part of the Tzama Hasidic music festival.

New York-born Razel, who is married with three daughters and a son, covered up while women formed dance circles at the foot of the stage.

A festival organiser said: “Razel has performed regularly before women for years, and respects them.”

Rather than become a laughing stock, shouldn’t he have turned down the gig?

Corbyn’s terror clanger

OOPS! While showing a picture of Jeremy Corbyn adding his congratulations on the royal engagement, the BBC’s subtitler meant to say “Harry and his brother”.

But it appeared as “Harry and Hezbollah”.

Still, considering the Labour leader’s well-known friendship with Hamas, maybe it wasn’t too wide of the mark.

Soup secret is out

CUDDLING up with a bowl of chicken soup is the best cure for colds this winter season, according to researchers.

They discovered that it could ease the symptoms of upper respiratory infections . . . and that the aroma, spices and heat from the soup can clear congestion brought on by the common cold.

But we could have saved the researchers from the University of Nebraska time and money — they needed only to ask any members of “the tribe” about the benefits of “Jewish penicillin”.

We’ve known about them ever since Egyptian Jewish physician and philosopher Maimonides first recommended chicken soup for cold symptoms. And that was back in the 12th century.

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