Kapparot’s wuff on dogs

THE pre-Yom Kippur custom of kapparot, in which a person waves a chicken above his or her head to symbolically transfer sins to the bird, each year comes in for its share of scorn.

But now a new twist to the ancient ritual has emerged on the Internet.

A film clip appears to show a woman waving a chicken above the head of her . . . pet pooch.

Some may find this birdbrained scene humorous. But it’s just, well, fowl play.

Rain? Watch out for baby boom

WHAT do couples get up to when the weather is miserable and it’s too wet to go out?

Obstetricians at Kaplan Medical Centre in the Israeli town of Rehovot have their own theory.

The couples cuddle up under the covers, they say. And it has led to the hospital’s highest-ever monthly total of deliveries — nine months after Israel suffered heavy rainfall and cold temperatures.

The record 682 babies born at Kaplan in September included 22 sets of twins.

The first heavy rain of autumn fell in Israel this week . . . so, if the Kaplan theory is correct, maternity wards should be busy in nine months’ time.

TREAT: Gal and Jimmy

ONE barrier after another is coming down for Israeli Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. And now she has tried a generations-old American treat — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

It happened when the star of The Justice League appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“Today is a great day for you,” host Fallon said as Gal opened the wrapping.

She slowly smiled and gave a thumbs up to the cheering audience. “It’s really good. I can’t believe I never tried it,” she said . . . and gave Jimmy some Israeli chocolate in return.

We know which we’d prefer.

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