A Shabbat rest for ĎSpiderí guys

SPIDERMAN... with the two Orthodox gents

ITíS no secret that there are Jewish characters in the Spider-Man video game.

The fact that they wear kippot is a dead giveaway.

The Orthodox-looking gents can be seen on the streets of New York six days a week in the popular game on PlayStation 4.

But donít expect to see them on Shabbat.

ďThese guys donít work on Saturdays,Ē one of the Spider-Man programmers disclosed this week.

Still, itís nice to know that some super-heroes donít just wear capes, they wear yarmulkes.

Bernie muscles in...

GOING STRONG: Bernie as warrior He-Man

BERNIE Sandersí supporters envisage him as Americaís next president.

And now the bespectacled 77-year-old has assumed super-hero status in his bid for the top job.

For Senator Sanders, who is Jewish, appears as the warrior He-Man in a new comic.

The presidential hopeful, who likes to note that he was a long-distance runner in his youth, is seen shirtless and holding a sword in front of the White House.

The adventure ó called Talk Bernie To Me ó is a one-off issue from Devil's Due Comics to be released in America in July.

Could this be a new chapter for Washington?

A swastika farewell

ITíS hardly surprising that a village suburb has voted to change its name.

For there were always problems when it was called . . . Swastika Acres.

Now the district in Colorado is to be known by the much more acceptable Old Cherry Hills.

The old name came in decades before the Nazis rose to power and adopted the hated swastika.

But at least one homeowner opposed the change.

She lost family members in the Holocaust . . . but thought it important to preserve the historical value of the swastika symbol.

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