Israeli transmits moon messages

AN Israeli has been transmitting messages to Earth while in orbit around the moon.

They are being sent by a “phantom” female astronaut called Zohar, who is taking part in the Artemis space mission.

The stand-in spacegirl’s job is to gather information on what crew members experience in flight.

One of Zohar’s messages from the Orion space capsule, which blasted off from Florida two weeks ago, said: “Hi. I already see the moon.”

To which the earthlings replied: “Smile and say hello.”

In Israel, another space team — SpaceIL, which hopes to land on the moon in 2025 — joined in the fun.

“We hope you reserve a parking spot for us,” they relayed to Zohar. “We’ll be on our way soon.”

So great to know that Israel is playing a leading role in such out-of-this-world events.

It’s a ‘No’ for tallit scarf

RETAIL giant Walmart caused some upset in America when it began selling towels that looked like a tallit.

They called it “an elegant sun screen scarf” and advertised it at $40.99 (£34).

But a storm followed on social media about a “sacred garment” being used for this purpose.

Now Walmart has removed the offending item. Result!

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