Hard to swallow...

A 13-YEAR-OLD Jewish girl who cooked pork during a reality show on Mexican TV said: "My grandfather is going to kill me."

Batia Bresca was clearly uncomfortable cooking non-kosher food on the Mexican edition of MasterChef Junior 2017 last week.

"I'm going to have to try it - that's the end for me," she said on the programme.

However, it was anything but the end. Her dish received good reviews . . . and she advanced to the next phase of the show.

Hitler the cr*p artist

A PAINTING by Adolf Hitler on display in an exhibition in Italy on the theme of madness has been described as "a piece of cr*p".

The never-before-exhibited painting - on loan from a private German collector - shows a seated man and a standing man at the front of a long, shadowy corridor. Hitler's signature is in the lower right corner.

Politician and art historian Vittorio Sgarbi, who curated the exhibition at Solo on Lake Garda, described it artistically as a "piece of cr*p - the painting of a desperate man".

Perhaps not the way we would have phrased it . . . but we won't argue with the sentiment.

Israel is 11th happiest

DESPITE the constant danger of being in one of the most volatile regions on the planet, Israel has been ranked as the 11th happiest country in the world.

Not bad, considering Britain is in 18th place and America is 14th.

The ratings appear in the annual World Happiness Report published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Given that the UN is no friend of Israel, the news is all the more welcome.

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