Racer’s run-in with chassidim

LONG-distance runner Paula Radcliffe has recalled a run-in she had with an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

The three-time New York Marathon winner was asked for the funniest moment of her career by The Times.

She recalled that the 2017 race took them through Williamsburg, Brooklyn — a suburb heavily populated by chassidim.

“It’s quite an Orthodox Jewish area and they don’t believe the marathon, especially with women in shorts, should go through there,” she said.

“A group of rabbis crossed the road, very slowly, right in front of us. Everybody, including the camera bike, had to swerve around them.”

At the time, she tweeted: “Today I watched a mother in Williamsburg cover her young boy’s eyes as the elite women ran by!”

Maybe they had just heard about her toilet habits while racing.

Join Uri’s Scottish island

URI Geller has been called many things. And the former Jewish Telegraph columnist can add the title ‘ruler’ to that list.

Best known as a spoonbender, the Israeli has established a microstate on an uninhabited Scottish island — and is inviting people to become citizens.

The 75-year-old bought Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth in 2009.

Uri described Lamb as “possibly the most mystical island in the world”, as it is on leylines that connect it to King Arthur’s rumoured burial site on the Isle of May and the Hill of Tara’s fabled portal to a pagan Otherworld where medieval Irish kings were once crowned.

Prospective ‘symbolic’ citizens of Lamb just need to pay $1 (86p) — with all money going to Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart.

Sign up at

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