Mira is trumps as Melania lookalike

AMERICA'S Melania Trump strolling down the street with her presidential husband Donald? Wrong!

It's Mira Tzur - an Israeli-born model and actress - who has gigs galore lined up as a First Lady impersonator.

Apart from sharing the same shiny brown hair, taut skin and slim physiques, the two women both have the same initials, both are immigrants from small countries and both speak several languages (Mira speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic fluently, in addition to some Yiddish and French).

Mira, 45, is finding her lookalike role lucrative - she charges about $3,000 (2,346) per appearance. And work is rolling in.

However, she still lags behind partner John Di Domenico, who impersonates The Donald and rakes in $10,000 (7,822) a time.

Oh, well, you can't have everything.

Conte at the double

CAP THAT: Andrew the bakery and coffee shop owner

COULD Chelsea manager Antonio Conte be serving you baigels at Salford-based kosher bakery Brackmans?

Some readers think so. For the owner of the bakery at times looks the spitting image of the Italian who is heading for the Premier League title. And Andrew agreed.

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...and Conte the Chelsea boss

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