Mongolia may be odd new pal

THE Jewish population of mysterious Mongolia is fewer than 100. But this landlocked nation sandwiched between China and Russia may be revealing an unexpected soft spot... a liking for Israel.

For, as the Jerusalem Post points out this week, this country of only three million people has an interesting voting record on Israel over the last few months at the UN.

Unlike its two giant neighbours, it doesn’t reflexively vote against the Jewish state. But nor does it vote for Israel or abstain. Mongolia simply does not show up to vote.

If this had happened once, it could be chalked up to the Mongolian envoy getting tied up in traffic.

But when it happens again and again, a pattern can be detected. And it’s one that is being seen in Jerusalem as a manifestation of warming ties between Israel and Mongolia.

Just why isn’t quite clear. After all, Israel does not have an embassy in Mongolia. Nor does Mongolia have one in Israel.

But let’s face it, whatever the reasons, we need all the friends we can get.

Eurovision jealousy

WHY can’t the haters admit that Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest fair and square?

Firstly, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim claimed in a live TV interview that the vote was rigged.

“They planned everything so that it could be held in Jerusalem,” the deluded politician said.

And then the comical Electronic Intifada went a stage further by claiming that Israel has developed an app that meant people could vote multiple times.

It further claimed that the Israeli government-backed smartphone app Act.IL rigged an online poll by Ireland’s The Journal which asked whether national broadcaster RTE should boycott next year’s event in Israel.

The “Yes” vote held a healthy lead until suddenly the “No” voters sprang into action.

Who would have thought that the Eurovision could create such a political row?

Could peace kick off?

TENSION in the Middle East? It seems football brings people together.

Before Saudi Arabia started their World Cup campaign against host nation Russia on Thursday, the Israeli foreign ministry’s official Arabic Twitter account wished them good luck.

It didn’t do much good though as the Saudis lost 5-0!

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