Foreign donations will help Cultural Centre project

DONATIONS from as far afield as America and China have been secured towards hiring fundraisers for the proposed Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre project.

Leaders of the £6 million project to establish a Jewish cultural centre in Edinburgh are nearing their goal to raise £100,000 to appoint fundraising staff.

Driving the EJCC’s fundraising is American-born Professor Joe Goldblatt, of the Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh Tourism, Hospitality and Events Group and a member of the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community.

According to the EJCC website, the project plans to bring visibility to one of Scotland’s minority communities and contribute to the rich mix of cultural life in Scotland’s capital city, increasing the appeal of Edinburgh to the international community.

The centre will offer the best of Jewish programming to engage audiences from across Scotland and beyond, creating outstanding activities, classes and courses.

The committee is also planning events, including an Edinburgh Limmud this November.

Two-thirds of the projected cost will be for land acquisition, consulting fees and construction work.

However, the EJCC board was “in discussions with Edinburgh City Council regarding providing a gift of land or a long-term [75-year] lease agreement for land owned by the city.

“The successful outcome of these discussions may reduce the total capital investment cost.”

No agreement on where the centre should be built has been reached as yet.

Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation chairman John Danzig told the Jewish Telegraph: “Variations on possible structures for a cultural centre are being explored, not least being location, with one option being our own building in Salisbury Road. But these are early days.”


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