Grant will introduce Hannah’s work to a wider audience

A PROJECT linked to the Hannah Frank 110th Birthday Exhibition has been awarded a £7,200 grant.

The money has come from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and will allow a variety of tasks to take place to further the work of the renowned Glasgow artist.

The money will pay the project’s Glasgow University History of Art students the Scottish living wage to run creative workshops with schools, community groups and others to bring the work of Hannah to new audiences.

It will also cover the costs of travel for some of these groups to get to the exhibition.

The funds will pay for talented artists and speakers to run creative workshops and informative sessions during the exhibition to help people of all ages engage with Hannah’s art; create audio descriptions for the drawings on Hannah’s website, to help to make Hannah’s work accessible to people with visual impairment; create a full inventory of all of Hannah’s known drawings and sculptures and to help curators put together future exhibitions.

Before the exhibition, housed in the Glasgow University Chapel, ends on June 6, there will be a variety of free events at the venue, including four Friday lunchtime talks, four Monday afternoon tours (one adapted for people with visual impairment), four open creative workshops and two special workshops.

The first talk is today at 1pm when Scottish Jewish Archives Centre director Harvey Kaplan will speak on ‘The Frank Family and Jewish Immigration to Scotland’.

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