Chairman thanks pupils for fundraising

CALDERWOOD Lodge Jewish Primary School had special guests at its Kabbalat Shabbat assemblies last Friday.

JNF KKL Scotland chairman David Links and administrator Elaine Vulkan visited the school to thank pupils for collecting money in their mini blue boxes for Tu b’Shevat.

School chaplain Rabbi Moshe Rubin was also present.

Mr Links told pupils: “You did spectacularly well this year, raising more than £400 for new trees from the boxes we gave you.

“As you know, we ran a special competition to guess the number of trees planted by JNF since 1901.

“There has been a huge number and we got the Israeli Forestry Department to send us a certificate with the figure.

“We are already planning something special for the school for next year’s Tu b’Shevat.”

The answer to the competition was 240,632,300 trees planted.

Primary Four pupil Milla Marco was closest with her guess of 240,700,000.

Milla wasn’t present at the assembly to receive her prize, a book token.

At the Primary Four to Primary Seven assembly, pupils spoke about the week’s sedra, which concerned the creation of the portable prayer hall, the mishkan.

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