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Glasgow synagogues say they will not be ready to reopen on Wednesday

GLASGOW synagogues have said they won't be ready to open their doors on Wednesday after the Scottish Government gave the go-ahead for services to restart.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's made the announcement at her weekly Covid-19 update yesterday.

She stated: "Places of worship can resume services, although numbers will be strictly limited, singing and chanting will be limited, and physical distancing will have to be observed.

"Restrictions on how many people can attend funeral and wedding services will also be eased."

Garnethill Synagogue president Susan Siegel told the Jewish Telegraph: "We have instituted a strategy for the congregation's return but we haven't finalised any plans yet.

"We are following the Chief Rabbi's guidelines on hygiene, distancing and halachic requirements.

"Additionally, we are carrying out risk assessments to ensure the safety of the congregation is maintained when we welcome everybody back.

"This includes examining everything from sanitation to traffic flow.

"And, of course, we will take into account the feelings and opinions of our members.

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