Parent Council says its farewell to headteacher

LASTING IMPACT: Marion Carlton with a framed prayer

GLOWING tributes have been paid to Marion Carlton, who has left her post as Calderwood Lodge headteacher.

Thanks were given at the Parent Council annual meeting to Mrs Carlton, who has led the school since 2014, having first been appointed acting headteacher.

During her tenure, the school moved from its original base in Newlands to the new joint faith school campus in Newton Mearns.

Mrs Carlton was praised, not just for being an effective and popular headteacher, with a very affectionate and close relationship with pupils, school staff and parents, but also for being closely involved in community events.

Chairman Janette Neillie said Mrs Carlton was the heart of Calderwood and would have a lasting impact on everyone.

School chaplain Rabbi Moshe Rubin said: “Marion was the perfect bridge between the old school and new school.

“Everyone — parents, community and teachers — were apprehensive about the move, with a major concern being whether we will be able to maintain that unique spirit that is Calderwood and the ethos we pride ourselves with.

“Marion, with professionalism and skill, made sure that none of that spirit and ethos was lost and actually raised it many levels.”

He added: “Marion has this ability of seeing each child, parent and teacher as an individual.

“She made each child feel special in many different ways, for example, standing each morning at the school entrance welcoming them with a smile and a word of praise.”

Mrs Carlton was presented with a framed plaque containing a prayer selected by the Parents Council and Rabbi Rubin.

It was announced that Lisa Corr has been appointed the new headteacher.

Miss Corr comes from St Eunan’s Primary School, Clydebank, where she has been a deputy headteacher.

The PC and the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council worked closely with East Renfrewshire Council through the interview process for the position.

Rabbi Rubin and PC members Barry Berlow-Jackson and Janette Neillie joined the panel to interview the candidate.

Miss Corr will begin her role on Monday, November 5.

Deputy headteacher Andy Robson has been nominated by the PC for a Jewish Schools Award.

The award is for exceptional educators in Jewish primary and secondary schools.

Looking to the year ahead, the PC will be seeking assistance in its fundraising activities.

A number of events are planned, but help from parents is always sought to support various projects for the school, in addition to the P7 trip to Amsterdam.

Elected: chairman, Barry Berlow-Jackson; vice-chairman, Janette Neillie; treasurer, Richard Samuels; council members, Carla MacCallum, Shama Arshad, Ziv Dotan (GJRC liaison), Henry Lovat and Keren Maschler.

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