Shul service pays tribute to much-loved Joshi

THE memory of a much-loved woman was honoured at the Glasgow Reform Synagogue service last Saturday.

Joshi Smith, died in January, 2020, in Florida from a self-medicated overdose of fentanyl, aged just 24.

Her parents, Mark and Catherine, and brother, Ethan, set up the Joshi Project in her memory to try and help others with mental health issues. GRS has been keen to support them.

Mark Smith told the Jewish Telegraph: “The shul already held a High Holy Days appeal for The Joshi Project, because Joshi had been batmitzvah there and there was a real outpouring of support from GRS after she died.

“Many people knew her there. She was already loved at the shul. The time Joshi spent there was probably her happiest time and the minister, Rabbi Pete Tobias, also conducted her stone setting.

“He approached us and asked if he could do a special Shabbat service on Joshi as a way of raising awareness about our charity and mental health itself.”

The shul held a JAMI Mental Health Awareness Shabbat service.

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