JLGB meets up for the first time after Covid

JLGB made its long-awaited return on Tuesday for the first time since Covid.

The first session, back at the Giffnock Newton Mearns Shul Newton Mearns youth room, was led by Daniel Cohen and Zak Baker, with assistance from London-based JLGB youth workers Daniel Khatka and Yuval Weinberg, and other helpers.

‘Auntie Pammie’ Livingston is in charge of JLGB in Glasgow and Daniel and Zak will run the sessions every Tuesday from 6.30pm.

Mrs Livingston said: “We are delighted to be back up and running again and bringing JLGB, which is all about family today, to the younger members of our community.

“JLGB has evolved and a very new and exciting programme has been developed in London and brought up here.

“We have a great group of leaders to run it. And we’d like to welcome anyone of any age — those who have previously been members and those who haven’t — just come along and check out what we are doing.

“We’ve had quite a lot of interest and after a good start, are hoping to build on the numbers as the weeks go by.”

Details: 07803 746 349 or email

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