Steven shares family story

ASSOCIATION of Jewish Refugees first and second generation members heard about a special visit to Augsburg at their latest meeting.

Steven Anson, assisted by wife Hilary, gave a presentation on the German Jewish History of Augsburg at the event, held in the Glasgow Reform Synagogue on Sunday.

They spoke about their visit in 2017 to Augsburg, the area from where both Stevenís late parents came.

Steven, aided by photographs and a video, gave details of his family background and how his parents Beate (Pat), nee Einstein, and Martin left Germany and arrived in the UK.

He talked about the restoration of the Augsburg Shul and the rededication event there.

A large number of the wider Einstein family travelled from all over the world to attend the rededication.

They were present at the unveiling of a memorial plaque in memory of his Stevenís great-grandparents.

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