Business is not just about profit and loss, says rabbi

BETH Hamidrash Hagadol hosted its first business Shabbat last week.

The idea was suggested by Martin Port, founder and CEO of BigChange, who also sponsored the event, which was held jointly with UK Israel Business (North East).

The theme of the Shabbat was ‘Business Ethics’.

Rabbi Daniel Levy, corporate social responsibility director for BigChange, gave a sermon on effective investment and corporate responsibility.

He explained that companies must not simply look at profit and loss in financial terms, but also how they build their staff and contribute to social business enterprise and also give responsibly to a range of charitable causes.

Rabbi Levy was also part of a panel discussion, which also included Dahlia Stroud, senior manager of commercial analysis and strategy at Asda, Linda Mack, commercial lawyer at the Ministry of Justice, Paula Grizzard, regional director of Women in Business, and Daniel Lee, founder of Pharmacy2U.

The panel was chaired by Colin Glass, UK Israel Business (North East) chairman.

BHH Leisure Club members enjoyed a Chanucah party with a film about celebrations around the world, presented by co-chairman Barry Abis. Menorah candles were lit by Rabbi Jason Kleiman.

The next meeting, on Monday, December 17, will see Barry present ‘Winter Wonderland’.

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