Nina gets teeth into teaching

CATCHING UP: Susan Da Costa, Nina Collins, Beryl Hillman and Carol Gold enjoy a chat at the Anne Frank WIZO coffee morning

ANNE Frank WIZO opener Nina Collins had a good reason for choosing dentistry as her career — she wanted to go to Israel because there was a shortage of dentists there.

However, she got married instead, she told 60 guests at a pre-Chanucah coffee morning on Wednesday at the home of Diane and Ian Goldman.

Married to Leon Collins, the couple have three children.

When her children were grown-up, Nina returned to university and obtained a degree in Hebrew and Ancient Greek. She was awarded a PhD and taught at Leeds University in the department of theology and religious studies and the language centre.

She also taught classical Hebrew at the Talmud Torah and is the author of a book on the translation of the Torah into Greek.

“Without the translation there would not be Christianity, because the early Christians used the Greek Torah for their prophesies about Jesus,” she explained.

“Afterwards they stole the Greek Torah and claimed it was part of their bible, the so-called Old Testament.

“The New Testament is 80 per cent quotations from or references to the Greek Torah.”

Since retiring from University life, Nina has found time to pen a book about healing the sick on Shabbat, and how Jewish sages eventually came to terms with the ruling that you could work on Shabbat if you were healing someone. She is now in the throes of writing a book about Pesach.

Guest of honour was Beryl Hillman while Sophia and Louis Gold were child presenters.

Hostesses were Barbara Cammerman, Angela Copitch, Susan Da Costa, Sharon Gleek, Carol Gold, Diane Goldman, Linda Jacobs, Loretta Leslie, Janet Stowe and Roslyn Trent.

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