Why the Queen will not visit Israel

YOUR correspondent Alan Rubens wonders why the Queen, or anybody else from the Royal household, has not visited Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East - for close to 69 years.

Well, let's take Saudi Arabia. While the Saudis are large buyers of British weapons and professional service, Israel is not - which is a reason the Royals won't visit Israel.

Also, until there is a settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, the Royal Family will never visit.

There are too many political landmines and the British government advises them against it.

In my opinion, we can do without their visit here as it would entail an enormous amount of security, manpower and money.

Better they should go and visit the countries that are ruled by dictators!

Elaine Nadav,
27 Menachem Begin,
Givat Shmuel,

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