Will Hezbollah follow the Hamas rocket blitz?

AS the shell-shocked residents of Sderot — less than a mile from the Gaza border — and neighbouring towns and settlements emerge from their bomb shelters, the question the Israeli government may be forced to address is: Where next?

For if the Hamas-run enclave can amass and fire off 500 missiles — many able to bypass the Iron Dome defence system, often with terrifying results — what more devastation could be caused by Israel’s most implacable enemy on the northern border?

Armed to the teeth and with the unwavering backing of a Tehran regime dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state, Hezbollah must be eyeing up the current situation with some relish. After all, they have just seen their fellow terrorists cause so much fear with their comparatively limited resources.

The Lebanese border has been quiet for some time now, but Hezbollah may now find it can focus its attention on what their Iranian masters want most of all — the total destruction of the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israel Defence Forces may soon find they have much bigger fish to fry as tensions in the region continue to mount.

Lewis Fink,

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