Most racial hatred based on illogical thinking

SOMETIMES when different people speak of right and wrong, it is hard to understand if the logic of their argument in voicing their thoughts is based on common sense.

So that most Jews and also those who agree that Israel deserves to exist in its current format can make a powerful point it exists truly lawfully as a sovereign nation in international law.

Which means that what I have said makes good sense and cannot be faulted for its accuracy.

However, when other people argue that Israel is guilty of being a nation that has developed the land that it owns by ‘conquest’, it becomes unbelievably complicated to make any rational sense of what these people are trying to say.

Because most countries in the world have earned a great deal of the territories that they rule over by defeating other nations in battle or by conquest of those other nations.

Yet nobody is levelling serious accusations aimed at the behaviour of the British government today, for example, at it having overrun the territories of other indigenous peoples in various countries around the world in order to occupy and own large parts of its present day territories (as regards their having defeated other armies by conquest).

And the same logical and rational argument can be constructed to apply to many other countries around the world in the same way.

The only remedy in order for this incongruous dichotomy to be sorted out in a fair way (as a means for making the world a better and safer place) is for all people to be taught in schools to be able to think for themselves in a logical way.

And, if this could ever be achieved in practice in everyday life, a massive amount of the antisemitism in the world, plus a lot of the large amounts of Islamophobia, and other racial hatreds in the world would disappear as if by magic overnight.

Because much of the racial hatred in the world is based on illogical and irrational thinking.

Howard Gardner,

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