Pay-back time for Oxfam...

WITH Purim approaching, latter-day Hamans have been getting their comeuppance.

Oxfam, which for years used anti-Israel political propaganda in their adverts until threatened with loss of charitable status, has had its credibility shredded by an appalling sex scandal.

The scandal included alleged rapes, trading aid for sex and sexual abuse of teenagers in UK Oxfam shops.

Oxfam’s chief executive responded by saying, “It’s not like we murdered any babies” — proof that neither he nor his bastion of Left-wing sanctimony are in any position to sit in moral judgement on Israel or anybody else.

No wonder 7,000 disgusted donors are reported to have already pulled out.

That arch Israel-hater the United Nations has also been discredited by hideous sex scandals.

It’s been revealed that UN aid workers are estimated to have committed 60,000 rapes in the last 10 years.

UN peacekeepers stand accused of more than 600 sex assaults and there are alleged to be 3,300 paedophiles in the UN and its agencies — proof that the UN, too, is in no position to sit in moral judgement on Israel or anyone else.

Meanwhile, 15 Labour politicians past and present — including Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Ken Livingstone — have been accused by a former agent of the Czechoslovakian communist intelligence service StB of treason by engaging in paid espionage for the Soviet bloc during the Cold War.

Their collective failure to sue him for slander does nothing to dispel the darkening cloud of suspicion swirling around them.

Neither does Corbyn’s aversion to publication of his StB file — surely to his own advantage unless what it contains would further incriminate him.

And though their alleged treason is the biggest scandal in the history of British politics, the BBC has virtually ignored it in a display of pro-Labour censorship and bias so shameless it totally destroys what little credibility the Corporation’s pretence of impartiality had left.

May all our — and Israel’s — enemies be so thoroughly discredited.

Steven Harvey,
Cheadle Hulme,

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