Hypocrisy of Forum is exposed

IF ever we needed further proof of the rank hypocrisy of the Muslim Jewish Forum, then Councillor Naim Ali Hassan’s letter last week provided it.

He claims “they put politics aside” and yet in the same breath states: “When there is a Palestinian state more Muslim members will visit (Israel) as well as eating at Israeli restaurants locally”.

So Muslim members of the Forum boycott not only the State of Israel but local Manchester Israeli restaurants simply because they serve Israeli food — even if owned by British Jews or are owned by Israelis who are British residents.

Do Jewish members of the Forum know that among them they have supporters of the BDS movement — the very same movement whose founder has stated there will only ever be a Palestinian state between the river and the sea and is antisemitic? And if so, why do they choose to ignore it?

Doubling down on his hypocrisy and support of the BDS movement, Cllr Hassan then states then until there is a Palestinian state he and his fellow Muslim members “will only eat at a Manchester kosher restaurant where they enjoy chopped liver and chicken soup”.

So that’s OK then. Simply because Cllr Hassan and his members eat chopped liver, it must mean he loves the Jewish community. I am sure many of his best friends are Jewish too!

Does Cllr Hassan know that under the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, it is antisemitic to hold British Jews responsible for the actions of the Israeli government?

The final insult to the Jewish community comes at the end when Cllr Hassan swats aside the antisemitic social media activity of Afzal Khan, calling it “unfortunate”.

What is really “unfortunate” is that the Jewish members of the Muslim Jewish Forum are still content to defend fellow members who openly support the boycott of the State of Israel, of Israeli and Jewish businesses in Manchester which serve Israeli food, and who call antisemitism “unfortunate”. It proves once and for all just what a waste of space the Forum is.

Raphi Bloom,
North West Friends of Israel.

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