Show Palestinians that peace is better solution

THANKS to Sammy Stein for clarifying why a one-state solution is not an acceptable ‘peace’ to either side in the succession conflict to ex-British Palestine.

For starters, it did not work under the British.

For seconds, as in Northern Ireland, the ex-Raj or Basque country, extremists continue for decades till their families lean on them to stop.

Peace will involve a clear vision of two entities: Israel and the PA spring-cleaned.

Both communities have fought for two adult lifetimes to have a room of their own and too much blood has flowed under the bridge wherever you place it in time.

Minorities on both sides of the frontier need full toleration, and passage across the frontier kept to the modern simplicity of swiping an identity card or electronic passport.

If Palestinians can live in Israel, Israeli Jews can live in the PA. Start with equality even if no fraternity.

Liberty is for the PA Arabs to sort themselves out and both sides have to grip disrupters.

What is needed now is clear campaigning that the PLO/PA have not used their opportunities and need to prove they want a peace by stopping their incitement?

Further we should all look at what the political context of the end game of the conflict might be and how to advance it.

That includes the PA calling off the revival of antisemitism in the west in the name of Palestine or the resultant aliya will accelerate Israeli development — again.

The end of the petro-era by 2050 will reduce flows of money to troublemakers and excesses of international charity to its abusers.

Cutting UNWRA and kibitzing NGOs can start now. Climate change will cut the agenda priority of Palestine in the world and the scope of the UN as the US turns in on itself and its balance with China.

The Arab World — and others — have shouted “Yanks go home” long enough and will now suffer that for the Russians and Chinese do not have grain and money to spare.

In 1967, Palestine was 80 per cent rural so could ignore the World economy. Now it is 90 per cent urban.

If the world economy is upset they will suffer or needs migrate. Iran, the biggest troublemaker, will feel the squeeze as the petro-era ends; has its own problems and might implode; Hamas, Syria, Iraq and Jordan even more so.

Israel should remind them — and know-alls abroad — that her neighbours enjoy Israeli supplied water, fuel, food and much else.

Shut them off for a week’s real siege every time rockets or riots occur to make the point that peace is better.

There is far more light at the end of the tunnel now than before the Egyptian peace 40 years ago when there was none — and those with personal experiences of 1948 are over 80.

Frank Adam,

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