A Biden win will end all Trumpís work for Israel

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has much in common with Israel. Firstly, he believes in protecting the borders of America and takes national security seriously.

Secondly, he recognises that no group ó however laudable it claims to be ó has the right to prevent citizens from going about their business. Law and order must be present and evident in society or else chaos and anarchy reign.

Lastly, President Trump knows that a countryís prosperity depends on all the above things, plus a healthy economy that is not allowed to stagnate for whatever reason.

Trump is primarily a businessman which actually makes him a more effective president than a person who regards themselves as a politician.

He knows that any deal is possible. You just have to negotiate the right terms. Most politicians donít get this.

If Joe Biden wins the presidency, all the positive progress that Donald Trump has made in regard to Israelís interests would stop.

No more Middle East negotiations like the ones Trump was able to negotiate for two Arab nations, the United Arab Emiratis and Bahrain, to have diplomatic relations with Israel.

Everyone says peace hinges on how things are going in the Middle East. So why would you not want Donald Trump to continue as President?

Jane-Dora Fraser,
12 Holt Farm Close,

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