Half-truth peril

WAS it “English irony” for columnist Doreen Wachmann to talk of a religious fundamentalist complaining of “secular fundamentalism”?

Everybody in Bible times grew up in villages or — by our standards — small market towns.

They knew about sexuality from an early age. Further, they knew that the following year’s meals depended on the fertility of their livestock and fields.

Their futures and “pensions” depended on their own fertility. It still does, but with reservations.

Religious literacy is to be welcomed, provided it does not crowd out safety information in the context of our children’s early physical maturity and disqualification from apprenticeships or earning a living.

Public health literacy is of immediate importance if the young are to be able to protect themselves, and be protected. Half-truths get into playgrounds surprisingly early — and not just in this decade.

Frank Adam,
14 Hartley Avenue,

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