Exhibition will put Galkoff’s in spotlight

ICONIC: The facade of the former kosher butchers Galkoff’s

LIVERPOOL’S Jewish history is to be given a spotlight thanks to a new display at the Museum of Liverpool.

Set to open on Friday, October 26, the former iconic facade of kosher butchers Galkoff’s will be the centrepiece of ‘Galkoff’s and the Secret Life of Pembroke Place’.

The new display includes information obtained from the geophysical surveys done in and around the vicinity, shedding new light on the realities of court house-living and the people who inhabited them.

Museum of Liverpool director Janet Dugdale said: “Galkoff’s and the Secret Life of Pembroke Place has been a hugely rewarding project to work on with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

“The stunning tiled façade of Galkoff’s butchers shop is a significant addition to the museum’s collection.

“The careful research into the Galkoff family and the Liverpool Jewish community enriches the display and forms a powerful legacy. The accompanying contextual display offers a unique spotlight on Pembroke Place.”


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