School honoured

SLOGAN WINNERS: Rebekah Rutter, Fatherís House administrator, presents teacher Richard Thornhill with the prize to the delight of his pupils

FATHERíS House Sabbath Congregation in Queensferry has honoured a local school for its Holocaust studies.

Queensferry Primary School teacher Richard Thornhill has been teaching pupils of the school in Shotton, Deeside, about the dangers of inciting hatred, using lessons of the Holocaust.

Pupils visited nearby Fatherís House to view its Holocaust exhibition and the children handed in their entries to the 2019 Holocaust slogan and poster competition.

The school was named winners of the competition for pupilsí slogans such as ĎStop Hatredí and ĎSpeak Out against Hateí.

On Wednesday, Fatherís House Pastor Mike Fryer and administrator Rebekah Rutter presented a cheque to Mr Thornhill, who was teaching an assembly about discrimination.

Pastor Fryer said he was proud to be connected to a school which is doing so much to fight discrimination.

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