I support full antisemitism definition, says Labour MP

FRITH: ‘I condemn it in strongest terms’

BURY North’s Labour MP James Frith has pledged his support for his party to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism in full, with all of its examples.

He was responding to a letter by Bury Conservative Association’s Robert Largan, questioning why he was yet to challenge alleged antisemitism by members of his party in Bury.

Mr Frith said: “I am very happy to confirm, as I have done previously, that I condemn antisemitism in the strongest possible terms and support the IHRA definition in full, including its examples.

“Where anyone is found engaging in antisemitism, they should be reported to the proper authorities.”

Mr Frith, 41, who was elected to Westminster last year, is married to Nikki (nee Cohen).

But Mr Largan told the Jewish Telegraph that he was “disappointed” with the response as he “refused” to comment on several examples of antisemitism from Bury Labour members.

He said: “After many months of refusing to engage on the issue and deleting any Facebook comments from the public questioning him on the issue, I’m disappointed that James Frith has simply refused to comment on the numerous incidents within Bury Labour Party.

“He promised to call out antisemitism ‘wherever it is seen and heard’, but he has failed this most basic test.

“He’d rather bury his head in the sand than dare to criticise Jeremy Corbyn or members of Bury Labour Party.”

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