Rezika the queen of catering dies

THE woman who was synonymous for decades with kosher catering in Manchester has died.

Rezika Fruhman, 94, became a household name in the North-West and beyond as she catered thousands of weddings, barmitzvahs and communal functions.

She headed The Holme Caterers in Sedgley Park Road, Prestwich, for more than 40 years.

Mother-of-three Mrs Fruhman transferred the goodwill to Celia Clyne Catering in early 1987.

Mrs Fruhman told the Jewish Telegraph at the time: "We were always worried about who we were going to hand over to.

"We felt that the only one with the organisation capable of doing justice to our clients was Celia.

"We wanted to put it in good hands."

Mrs Clyne told the JT: "Rezika was inspirational, very hard-working and family-orientated. I really never planned to go into catering, but I used to do cookery courses and recipe development for her.

"I liked her very much as a person and she would always say that our values were the same. Rezika always said that if she had a daughter, she imagined her to be like me."

Earlier in the decade, The Holme had moved to a new, purpose-built, 12,000-square feet premises in Bury, from where its food manufacturing continued.

Mrs Fruhman said at the time that she had chosen to retire from banqueting catering "to join my sons in their business and thereby maintain an active working life, while at the same time being able to enjoy the fruits of my success".

Mrs Clyne said she first met Mrs Fruhman when the latter catered her wedding to Barry, in 1970.

"We continued to meet many times over the years," she recalled.

"I did consultancy work for Rezika and our families were connected as I knew her sons.

"When she was ready to retire, we bought her business.

"Rezika deserved all the respect she received. She was a great lady."

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