King David staff devastated as teacher Sherrie dies suddenly

DEDICATED: Sherrie Mayer

A LONG-SERVING King David Primary School teacher was found dead at her Prestwich home yesterday morning.

Sherrie Mayer, 62, had complained the previous day of feeling unwell.

When she couldn’t be contacted yesterday morning, two teachers used a spare house key and made the tragic discovery.

Headteacher Stacey Rosenberg, in a letter to parents yesterday, wrote that she felt that they should break the tragic news to their children, but, “the school will also do all they can to assist with supporting those pupils who are affected by the loss”.

Describing the staff as “absolutely devastated”, she added: “Miss Mayer was a well-loved member of staff.”

Shocked teachers were also being consoled after the death of a colleague who had served the school for more than 40 years.

Miss Mayer taught thousands of Jewish children and also ran the school’s drama club, which staged a production every year.

Miss Mayer’s late father, Frank, was an active member of the Jewish Theatre Group and, at one time, ran Disc Stop, a record shop in Cheetham Village.

“She was a wonderful and inspirational teacher,” said former fellow KD colleague Steven Pearlman, who worked with Miss Mayer for 31 years.

“Sherrie dedicated 40 years of her life to King David and she was very warm and generous with the children, and with the staff.

“I am devastated at the news.”

Mr Pearlman added: “Sherrie helped develop a lot of children who were quiet and shy through her nurturing and through the drama productions.

“As a result, they became more confident, more assured and more individual. That was down to her tutelage.

“We got on very well and thought along similar lines, whether that was education-wise or our sense of humour.

“King David meant so much to her and she will be irreplaceable.”

Former headteacher Eric Wilson, who appointed Miss Mayer in September, 1976, said: “Right away, she proved to be a very loyal and confident member of staff.

“Sherrie was extremely professional, had an excellent record of punctuality and attendance and was an excellent example to members of staff.

“She was an outstanding teacher who brought out the best even in seemingly less-abled pupils.

“I am devastated to hear of her passing, especially at the age of only 62.”

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