Tombstone talk leads to family reunion

REUNION: Golda Rifka and Wolfe Jaffe’s family

A CONVERSATION between two first cousins led to a worldwide family reunion.

It all started when Martin Mann and Rabbi Avrom Jaffe were talking about the state of their grandparents Golda Rifka and Wolfe Jaffe’s tombstone at Crumpsall cemetery.

“It was in a terrible condition,” said Martin, of Salford. “It was falling apart, the words were faded and everything was cracked.”

Eventually, Golda Rifka and Wolfe’s 23 grandchildren decided to raise money to have the tombstone refurbished

The cost was £1,600 and it was rededicated at a special service on Tuesday, with family members flying in from numerous places, including Canada and Israel.

And, afterwards, they all joined together for a family reunion at the home of Rabbi Jaffe and his wife Susan, which included Golda Rifka and Wolfe’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

“It was very emotional at the cemetery,” Martin said. “We made it into something good, though, by raising the money to have the tombstone redone and by arranging the get together for the family.”

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