Alta’s life ‘was snatched away’

ALTA Fixsler’s life was taken from her without consent, her heartbroken parents told the Jewish Telegraph last night.

The two-year-old, who suffered a catastrophic brain injury at birth, died on Monday evening.

She was unable to breathe, drink or eat without medical intervention.

Earlier this month, her parents Chaya and Avraham lost their legal battle against the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust for life support to be withdrawn at home, rather than in hospital or in a hospice.

A High Court judge Mr Justice MacDonald ruled that her treatment should be withdrawn in a children’s hospice. She had been a patient at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Mr and Mrs Fixsler told the JT from Israel, where their daughter’s funeral took place on Tuesday: “Alta’s life was taken from her without consent, against the wishes of her parents and in violation of basic principles of our religion.

“Neither the Trust nor the courts acted in Alta’s best interests. We feel that Alta could have led a fulfilled life.

“We left no stone unturned in our efforts to save Alta’s life and we had some of the top paediatric specialists in the world on standby to treat Alta and to help her.”

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