North West friends issue challenge over Israel slur

NORTH West Friends of Israel has issued an open public debate challenge to Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine.

The invitation came after the group claimed that the Labour Party’s issues with antisemitism were “largely mythical”.

In a blog on the Mondoweiss news website, a spokesman for MJAP said: “(antisemitism) is one of the few tools left to ailing and desperate establishment hacks wanting to smear Corbyn and maintain UK support for Israel, no matter how many Palestinians the Israeli army slaughters, or how many houses, schools, and hospitals Israeli jets destroy in Gaza.

“In the face of this, Zionist groups with a history of uncritical support for Israel claim that Corbyn presents an existential threat to British Jews?

“This is obscene, hypocritical scaremongering.”

But NWFoI co-chairman Raphi Bloom has now written to the group to invite them to publicly debate the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism, Israel and the Labour Party.

He said: “The community will be able to hear both sides and ask questions. To decline our offer will prove that MJAP is nothing more than a shell which uses the word ‘Jewish’ to defend antisemitism and antisemites.

“If they really exist, MJAP will accept.”

MJAP has not yet responded.

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