‘Greatest British threat to Israel since Bevin’

GUEST: Barry Shaw, right, with Prestwich Hebrew Congregation chairman Ian Creek

A JEREMY Corbyn-led government would be an existential threat to Israel, a Prestwich audience was told on Sunday.

Barry Shaw, a senior associate for public diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, warned: “Corbyn is committing a character assassination against Israel.

“He has a fevered image of Israel and is not a man of peace — he is a destructor.

“Corbyn is the greatest British threat to Israel since Ernest Bevin.

“Bevin was vigorously opposed to the establishment of the Jewish State and Corbyn now wants to delegitimise and dismantle the State of Israel.

“The thought of him becoming prime minister is too frightening to contemplate — but contemplate, we must.”

Mancunian Mr Shaw, who emigrated to Israel 45 years ago, also told guests at the Hilton Suite, that Corbyn has cobbled together external and radical forces which want to put an end to what they see as “racist, apartheid Israel”.

He said: “Corbyn recently gave a speech in London, where the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and Socialist Workers Party were giving out pamphlets and flags.

“On the pamphlet, it declared that Zionism is racist and a reactionary tool for imperialism.

“This is the twisted logic of these people, and the SWP is the birthplace and the nurturing place of Corbyn. It is where his political soul resides.

“He intends to lead a global coalition to do to Israel what most of the world did to apartheid South Africa.

“It is as dangerous as it gets and nothing to do with a peaceful two-state solution, which Corbyn claims he wants.

“We saw it at the Labour Party Conference last month when Corbyn said the first thing he would do as prime minister would be to recognise a state of ‘Palestine’.

“Right there, he declared war on Israel — and it is winning him votes.

“Another thing which came out of the conference was the result of its national ballot going forward, which listed ‘Palestine’ ahead of the NHS, Brexit, the welfare system, social care and local government funding.

“These are the official policies of your next government.”

Mr Shaw, who has written several books, including BDS for Idiot and Fighting Hamas, BDS and Antisemitism, said that Corbyn as PM would turn his ideology into policy and deeds.

He added: “His foreign policy will target Israel — it is his Magna Carta on which he will stand or fall. Criticism of Israel will be turned into action.

“Natan Sharansky talked about the three Ds test of antisemitism — delegitimisation, demonisation and double standards.

“In Corbyn’s case we can add a fourth and fifth — dishonesty and deception.

“His pathology of delegitimisation turns Israel into a pariah state, where he paints it in the darkest colours and portrays the Palestinians in a sympathetic light.”

Mr Shaw also said that should Corbyn become PM, the intelligence sharing between Britain and Israel will continue irrespectively.

“There would be, though, a concern whether intelligence would find its way to Hamas and Hezbollah under a Corbyn government.

“He would also damage trade between Britain and Israel as he would introduce boycotts and sanctions.

“It would put Britain on a collision course with America, but he will do that anyway with his anti-capitalist ideology.”

Mr Shaw also hit out at Corbyn for inviting Hamas and Hezbollah representatives to Parliament, as well as making a secret trip to Ramallah, in 2010, where he and Seumas Milne, Labour’s executive director of strategy and communications, met with Hamas terrorist leaders.

“Corbyn failed to declare the trip, which was in violation of Parliamentary rules,” Mr Shaw said. “Has he ever made a trip abroad where he has not met an anti-Israel terrorist?

“In 2015, he called another meeting, this time at the House of Lords and arranged by Jenny Tonge, where he invited Daud Abdullah and Azzam Tamimi.

“Abdullah advocated attacks on the Royal Navy if it tried to stop arms for Hamas being smuggled into Gaza and Tamimi told the BBC that he would ‘love’ to be a suicide bomber.

“Corbyn sees Israel as a white European land in the Middle East, no matter that the majority of Israelis are descendants of those kicked out of Arab and Muslim lands.

“The Palestinians have been kept in refugee camps for 70 years and apartheid is practised against them in Jordan.

“Have you ever heard Corbyn say a word about it?”

Mr Shaw said anti-Israeli antisemitism is nothing new and that antisemitism can no longer be hidden behind a facade of anti-Zionism.

“If Corbyn says that the Palestinians do not hate Jews, just Israelis, look at what a Hamas leader, Fathi Hamad said at a rally in Gaza,” he said.

“He declared that a cleansed Palestine will be free of Jews and that the Jewish cancer will be healed.

“He didn’t say ‘Israelis’ — he said ‘Jews’.

“Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority president, said that he would not allow Jews, ‘with their filthy feet, to defile the al-Aqsa mosque’.

“This is what Corbyn is supporting when he tells you it has nothing to do with antisemitism.”

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