KD chief praises challenged A level pupils

KING David High School governors’ chairman Joshua Rowe has praised pupils’ A-level performance – despite 40 per cent of young people having their results downgraded due to the coronavirus.

After exams were cancelled amid the outbreak of Covid-19, teachers were told to submit the grades they thought each student would have received if they had sat the papers.

Exam boards have moderated the grades to ensure this year’s results — for students in England, Northern Ireland and Wales — are not significantly higher than previous years.

Mr Rowe told the Jewish Telegraph: “This has been the most unusual and challenging time for students and teachers, and all this is now compounded by the way the examination boards have downgraded the school’s grade predictions.

“We sympathise with students for whom this has been a cause of so much anxiety.

“On the other hand, and despite all this, and especially knowing that there will be lots of upgrades — especially based on the mock exam results — the A-level results are actually quite outstanding.”

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