Marathon effort for charities

MEDALS: Emunah marathon runners David Bondt, left, and Roey Freilich ran part of the way arm in arm after Roey sustained an injury.

TWO first-time runners took longer than expected to complete Sunday's Virgin London Marathon - due to injury and the number of participants.

David Bondt and Roey Freilich were part of a team of six which raised 12,000 towards a new dormitory at Emunah's children's centre in Afula.

A seventh runner, Dovid Bitan, of Salford, was unable to participate on the day due to injury.

Prestwich-based solicitor David set off with accountant Roey, of Salford, finishing in five hours, nine minutes and nine seconds and five hours, 31 minutes and 28 seconds, respectively.

David, 33, said: "The training app on my phone showed that I had actually done 28 miles.

"The first five miles were okay and then it was tough as you had to weave in and out - at times you had to walk.

"Things sped up again and I was sprinting, but I had to stop and talk to Roey as he was injured. We ran part of the way arm in arm and then he bravely carried on."

Camilla de Kare-Silver

David added: "I am carrying on a family tradition of supporting Emunah.

"I was with my late grandma, Irene, when they opened the Beit Bondt building at the Emunah Family Counselling and Day Care Centre in Netivot."

Roey added: "I had a slight injury which slowed me down and I saw a physio on the day.

"I met David halfway through and I just said to him to carry on and I went on to the next treatment station.

"I had torn my calf muscle, nothing major. For me, it was the mental fortitude to get through and to finish no matter what.

"I was exhausted by the end and in quite a lot of pain, but it hasn't stopped me wanting to do the marathon for Emunah again next year."

Jonathan Field whose niece Natasha is a Langdon member in Manchester, completed the marathon in six hours, 21 minutes and 20 seconds for Langdon.

He said: "I am feeling sore, but also happy to have completed it.

"I am so proud that I have managed to raise much-needed funds for a wonderful charity that has provided such crucial care for my niece."

FAMILY DOUBLE: Daniel and Eli Kasmir

Five Mancunians helped World Jewish Relief field its largest team of runners. The five - Lucy Barnett, Victoria Herman, Daniel Kasmir, Eli Kasmir and Camilla de Kare-Silver - helped raise more than 43,000.

A dodgy knee was not going to stop Alon Stock from competing in the Marathon.

The 36-year-old, who ran for The Fed, still managed to complete the course in around five-and-a-half hours.

Although a Londoner, Alon has strong ties to The Fed - his mother-in-law Debbie Hamburger is a member of the board of trustees.

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