Deborah to take up new role after aliya

BRITISH Emunah director Deborah Nathan, pictured right, is taking up a role that has been created for her at World Emunah in Israel.

The new global marketing communications job will involve liaison with English-speaking Emunah offices in Australia, Canada, South America, America and South Africa, while maintaining close UK links.

She will make aliya early next year with her husband, Dr Jeremy Nathan.

They will join their youngest daughter, Elianna, 20, who made the move last year.

Their two other adult children, Joshua and Avital, are based in America and the UK, respectively.

“My aim is to showcase Emunah’s wide range of services in Israel and present it to a larger world audience, while helping other countries to fundraise for us in a cost-effective way,” Deborah said.

“This requires sensitivity, as we are working with vulnerable and at-risk children and families.”


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