‘We’ll always back Israel’ pledges the UK

THE UK has vowed to “always oppose” the permanent resolutions against Israel at the UN Human Rights Council.

Following up on a promise made two years ago, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has now declared that all motions known as “Item Seven” will be blocked.

He said: “For too long, a permanent item on the Human Rights Council has been dedicated solely to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

“Instead of promoting reconciliation and compromise, Item Seven strengthens the narrative that one side alone holds a monopoly on fault.

“I believe that this disproportionate and discriminatory focus on Israel undermines the credibility of the world’s leading human rights forum and obstructs the quest for peace in the Middle East.

“That is why the UK will be opposing every Item Seven resolution at the HRC.”

He added: “It cannot be right that Israel — the world’s only Jewish state — is the only nation the UN Human Rights Council dedicates an entire agenda item to.

“We must stand against discrimination.”

Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl congratulated Mr Hunt on his “new and principled stance”.

She said: “All supporters of human rights should applaud this move, which could in time lead to the UN ceasing to be discredited through its overt partisanship and become trusted once again as the arbiter of universal human rights that we all want it to be.

“We call on other states who genuinely support the advancement of human rights to follow the UK’s moral stand.”

To further back up Mr Hunt’s point, five of the nine resolutions being voted on at this week’s UNHRC meetings focused on Israel, with just one for Iran, Syria, North Korea and South Sudan.

But in counter-move, the Palestinian Authority moved its latest motion against Israel — supporting a biased UNHRC report into the riots led by Hamas terrorists last year — to a different item on the agenda, although a source told the Jewish Telegraph that this would “obviously” be blocked, too.

Last night, Denmark joined the UK in pledging to defend Israel in “always opposing” anti-Israel motions at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

A rally, organised by UN Watch, took place outside the UNHRC earlier this week with the American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, calling the organisation “antisemitic”.

He said: “The UNHRC’s hypocrisy is motivated by one thing — antisemitism.

“It shows not just bigotry, but intellectual and moral decay.”

And Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Aviv Raz Shechter, claimed that the council invites representatives of countries which are “odious abusers of human rights to openly incite against the only democracy in the Middle East”.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a staunch support of Israel, said: “The UN has played directly into the hands of Hamas. The UNHRC has become an instrument of Hamas terrorism.”

And political analyst Julie Lenarz said: “It’s discriminatory, hateful and benefits those who want to see Israel destroyed.”

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