Rabbi's Blue's warmth, faith and wisdom

MORE than 230 people paid tribute to Rabbi Lionel Blue at the North Western Reform Synagogue, Barnet.

Rabbi Blue died in December, aged 86.

During the first Lionel Blue Memorial Lecture, Archbishop of York John Sentamu said: "He was a man of warmth, humanity, faith and wisdom.

"His wonderful ability to share the truth and humour of his experience of life and God endeared him to audiences across the world.

"People of many faiths and people of no faith were given a glimpse of how God makes himself real and present in the midst of confusion and pain - but also more particularly, in the midst of the humdrum ordinariness of daily life."

The event was also part of the 60th anniversary celebrations for Leo Baeck College, the pre-eminent institution for the training of Progressive Jewish rabbis and educators, of which Rabbi Lionel Blue was the first alumnus in 1958.

Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh said: "Rabbi Lionel Blue was a most loved rabbinic colleague and a friend through the radio to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK.

"His interfaith work was core to his being, so we were absolutely delighted that the Anglican Church's second most senior cleric, Dr John Sentamu, gave such a fascinating and insightful inaugural lecture in his name."

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