Abattoir cameras welcomed

SHECHITA UK have responded positively to a government proposal to place closed circuit television cameras inside English abattoirs.

The Jewish Telegraph has been told that the plans were not being proposed because of any concerns relating to shechita or halal, both of which shun the use of pre-stunning methods which are preferred by animal rights activists.

The call to introduce cameras was led by a group called Animal Aid.

Shimon Cohen, of Shechita UK, welcomed measures to improve animal welfare in abattoirs.

He said: “Shechita requires that animals must be unharmed at the time of slaughter and CCTV will be a useful tool to ensure that all regulations are complied with.”

Several MP had originally called for cameras to be placed just in abattoirs specialising in religious slaughter.

But after strong protests by, among others, Shechita UK, the government accepted their case that the introduction of cameras should be for all abattoirs regardless of whom the meat or poultry was eventually to be sold to.

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