Students vote to support BDS

STUDENT leaders at a London university have been accused of endorsing anti-Israel activity, as well as dismissing concerns about antisemitism.

A pro-BDS motion was passed by the Queen Mary Students’ Union, while it also voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students as a result of Shaima Dallali being fired as president.

Both motions went through, despite strong opposition from the university’s Jewish Students’ Society.

A J-Soc spokesman said that it was “disappointed yet unsurprised” by the votes and accused Queen Mary Students’ Union of “shrugging its shoulders at the expense of Jewish students”.

Dallali was fired last month following an investigation into allegations of antisemitism.

The motion also accused the NUS of having “contributed to the spread of anti-Palestinian racism” by firing Dallali, and described her removal as an “affront to the democratic nature that the NUS purports to obtain”.

Last year, Queen Mary University SU failed to show solidarity with its Jewish members by adopting the Jerusalem Declaration, a document intended to undermine the globally-recognised international definition of antisemitism.

And the union’s decision to reject the definition was allegedly not discussed with Jewish students.

A Campaign Against Antisemitism spokesman told the Jewish Telegraph: “Of all the reasons that there may be to disaffiliate from NUS, it is revealing that Queen Mary University SU did so because of the sacking of Shaima Dallali. Her inflammatory social media activity alienated Jewish students even more from NUS, which already had an atrocious record on Jewish issues.”

The Union of Jewish Students and Queen Mary J-Soc alleged in a joint statement that “no amendments to a highly contentious motion were allowed in spite of the repeated requests by Jewish students.

“It is vital that amidst a KC led investigation into antisemitism, Jewish students are free to express their experiences of antisemitism in the student movement.

“Jewish students at QMUL have been clear throughout the debate that these motions would lead to an environment on campus which is hostile for Jewish students, leading to division and preventing the very measures needed for peace.

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