Jewish author’s grandfather part of Latvian death squad

TO describe Linda Kinstler’s family background as paradoxical hardly does it justice.

Her mother comes from a Jewish family, while her paternal grandfather was a Latvian nationalist who belonged to a brigade which slaughtered Jews during the Holocaust.

And it was just a few years ago that Linda discovered that a man who belonged to the same killing unit as her grandfather, Boris Karlovics, was the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation in Latvia.

American Linda investigates both her family story and the archives of 10 nations to examine what it takes to prove history in an uncertain century in Come to This Court and Cry: How the Holocaust Ends (Bloomsbury).

“I wasn’t interested in writing a memoir because that is not my area of expertise,” she told me on a visit to the UK.

“I had discovered a criminal investigation in Latvia and thought that my grandfather’s name would be among the files.

“I wouldn’t have just written it if it was just about my grandfather.”

The Latvian Prosecutor General’s office was investigating whether a man named Herberts Cukurs had been involved in the killing of Jews.

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