BBC chief insists ‘we’re in no way antisemitic’

THE BBC's director-general has insisted that the broadcaster “is in no way antisemitic”.

In a letter to Rabbi YY Rubinstein, Tim Davie wrote: "Antisemitism is abhorrent and we strive to serve the Jewish community and all communities across the UK, fairly.”

Rabbi Rubinstein, the former Manchester Jewish student chaplain and a frequent contributor to the BBC for more than 30 years, had this week informed the company responsible for the production of Pause for a Thought that he would no longer be appearing on the BBC following the way it reported an attack on young Jews on a London bus.

The report suggested that they had verbally abused the aggressors when it has been proved that they had, in fact, been shouting Tikra lemishehu ze dachuf — Hebrew for ‘Call someone, it's urgent’ — a fact verified by a forensic expert and linguist on behalf of the Board of Deputies.

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