‘Pray for survivors of crash’ plea as girl, 15, dies

A MANCHESTER man has appealed to the community to pray for his family — after his 15-year-old niece died following a motorway crash.

Driver Modcha Grosskopf, 45, six-month-old daughter Bailey, son Lazer, 12, and Naftoli, seven, were treated for minor injuries at Cumberland Infirmary, and were later released.

But daughter Toiba died in hospital.

Modcha’s wife Rus, 42, and son Yosef Avrohom (Avrumy), 17, are in critical condition at James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough, and Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle, respectively.

The accident, on the M74, junction 20, near Annan in Scotland, happened on Wednesday at 4.45pm.

Caterer Ushy Grosskopf — the brother of Modcha, who was driving the minibus which was in collision with a white articulated lorry, before hitting the central reservation — appealed to the community to pray for the family, and said they are “devastated” by the loss of Toiba.

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