Corbyn: I was victim of Israeli smear campaign

FORMER Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claims he was the victim of an Israeli smear campaign.

In an interview on Sunday with Al Mayadeen, a Lebanese television channel with close links to Hamas and Hezbollah, he claimed that ‘powerful forces’ were opposed to him, name-dropping Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump.

Asked by Moussa Srour if his support of ‘Palestine’ played a role in the smear campaign aimed against him, he said: “I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that my clearly stated support for the rights of the Palestinian people to be able to live in peace, free from occupation, from being under siege as in Gaza, and for those living in the refugee camps, particularly those in Lebanon... with the right to return, played a factor in all of this.

“Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t wait to condemn me for my support of the Palestinian people.

“It was very clear to me since I was a candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party, that I was dealing with powerful forces that oppose me because...

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