Banned by Labour?

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn’s office has denied, as “categorically untrue”. that a Manchester woman has been banned from his office for “speaking her mind” on antisemitism within the party.

But Elaina Cohen, special adviser to Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood, has written to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell about the ban.

In the letter, which the Jewish Telegraph has seen, she wrote: “Some candidates with such abhorrent views are standing for us in the local elections and, retrospectively, many in Labour allowed apologies of convenience and still remain public figures of influence.

“My prophecy remains the same. Labour will eventually end up in a courtroom defending and losing the case that the Labour Party remains a safe space for racism and extremism.

“I’m still banned and it is common knowledge that Seamus Milne had his colleague, not even present, Laura Murray to carry out his cowardly act for the crime of giving him my considered opinion that we have reached this low point on his watch.”

Ms Cohen told the Jewish Telegraph: “Let’s hope the harrowing debate in the House of Commons this week is followed by positive engagement between the Jewish community and the Labour Party.

“Yes, I was disappointed by the reaction to my observations by one of Jeremy’s top advisers — Seamus Milne.

“Let’s just say feelings were running high that day, during the demonstration in Parliament Square, and I’m sure the matter will be resolved amicably.”

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