FA to investigate fans’ antisemitic songs

THE Football Association is launching an investigation after a video appeared online showing England fans performing Nazi salutes during the World Cup in Russia.

Filmed in a bar in Volgograd on the same night England played their World Cup opener against Tunisia, the footage shows fans raising their arms in salute and singing antisemitic songs — including one based on the 1981 Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup final song Ossie’s Dream (Spurs Are On Their Way To Wembley).

One of the men is seen singing, “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz, Sieg Heil! Hitler’s going to gas them again” — and refers to Tottenham fans as the “Yids from White Hart Lane”.

An FA spokesman said: “We strongly condemn the actions of the people in this video.

“We are working with the relevant authorities, including the UK police investigations team, who are making inquiries to identify the individuals involved and take appropriate action.

“The disgraceful conduct of the individuals in this video does not represent the values of the majority of English football fans supporting the team in Russia.”

And Board of Deputies vice-president Amanda Bowman said: “It is right that the FA is investigating these awful incidents.

“This sort of behaviour embarrasses our country and lets the side down at a time when we should be focused on supporting England and enjoying the World Cup.”

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