Ex-mayor Ken would not accept expulsion

FORMER London Mayor Ken Livingstone has warned Labour that he will seek a judicial challenge in the High Court should the party decide to expel him next week.

Livingstone was suspended in May after a public row between the former Labour MP and his Labour colleague John Mann after he gave support to another Labour MP who had been suspended for hosting antisemitic tweets.

The former mayor maintained that there was evidence that wartime Jews supported Hitler - which led to Mann accusing him of being a "Nazi apologist".

Interviewed on BBC Radio 5's Emma Barnett programme, he said he expected to lose his disciplinary hearing on his suspension from the Labour Party, and that if he did, he would take the party to court.

Livingstone commented: "I haven't asked Jeremy (Corbyn) - or ask Ed Miliband - to send me to the House of Lords or anything like that.

"I am a house husband, but I'm not having my political career defined at the end that I'm antisemitic."

He added that they were the same group of MPs "who were screaming that I'd said Hitler was a Zionist and I was antisemitic".

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