Learning day marks Lord Sacks’ yahrzeit

TO mark the first yahrzeit of former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks on Monday (Cheshvan 20) more than 100 communities, schools and organisations worldwide will be participating in a Communities in Conversation Global Day of Learning.

Masterminding the project for the Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust is Joanna Benarroch, who worked with Lord Sacks for 24 years.

She said: “Despite all his remarkable achievements and impact beyond the Jewish world, at his core, Rabbi Sacks always remained a teacher of Torah who loved nothing more than learning with others and helping them make new connections with our ancient texts.

“The global response to the inaugural Communities in Conversation day of learning project has been phenomenal, with communities, schools and organisations from across the Jewish world running a variety of educational events to teach and learn Rabbi Sacks’ Torah.

“It is wonderful to see people come together in this way and immensely comforting to see how Rabbi Sacks’ legacy continues to inspire and inform so many and truly reflects the global impact he had.”

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