Church magazine compares Israeli policy to the Nazis

THE Campaign Against Antisemitism has slammed Southwell Minister for an article in its church magazine which made direct comparisons between Israeli policy and the Nazis.

A piece in the latest edition of the magazine for the Nottinghamshire-based church - called Southwell Leaves - focuses on a contributor's recent trip to "Palestine".

Author Jane Henson writes: "As I studied the various memorials and testaments (during a visit the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre), I was not only struck again by the truly terrible events which had taken place in the last world war, and the awful suffering of Jews and others in concentration camps, but also the awful realisation that so many of the things that were done to Jews are now being done to Palestinians."

She added: "It was frightening to realise that most of the thousands who visit Yad Vashem are quite unaware of what is actually being inflicted on Palestinians only a few miles away, or don't care."

But CAA chairman Gideon Falter told the Jewish Telegraph: "The international definition of antisemitism is completely clear that 'drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis' is antisemitic.

"Southwell Minster should foster good relations between Christian and Jews instead of publishing such a shameful, historically illiterate article."

The editor of the magazine, Hugh Middleton from Nottingham University's sociology and social policy department, did not respond to the Jewish Telegraph's request for a comment.

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