No truth in Chelsea-Auschwitz story

A SOURCE close to Chelsea Football Club has rubbished the story about the club sending fans to Auschwitz.

National newspapers’ back pages were covered with quotes from club chairman Bruce Buck yesterday which stated that any fans guilty of antisemitism would be sent to Auschwitz, rather than facing a lifetime club ban.

But a source told the Jewish Telegraph: “The club had an event at the House of Commons, where Bruce was on a panel.

“He mentioned that the club had been on a couple of trips to Auschwitz as part of a wider education programme, as well as stating that banning fans never works as they can come back with the same opinions because there has been no re-education.

“For those offences not deemed worthy of criminal offence, we would rather educate them about their behaviour and about how they have offended the Jewish community — it is not a one-size-fits-all scheme.

“For those instances where we feel they are ignorant and don’t understand what they are saying, and if there are trips going to Auschwitz at the time, we would try and get those in need of education on to them.”

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