‘Nazi dog’ man led antisemitic joking

AN event hosted by Glasgow University’s Students for Liberty group descended into antisemitic hatred.

Guest speaker was Markus Meechan, who had been convicted of a hate crime for teaching his girlfriend’s dog to perform a Nazi salute whenever he said “gas the Jews”.

Audio of the event details how Mr Meechan made light of his prosecution, and how the first word his lawyer said to him, as a joke, was “Shalom”.

He said, during the event on freedom of speech: “My lawyer walked up to me and said ‘Shalom’ and I was terrified. Luckily it was a joke.

“The prosecutor refused to believe that this (the Nazi salute) was a joke.He seriously believed the video could inspire people to kill Jews.”

Later, Mr Meechan made antisemitic tropes about Jews and money.

He said: “There’s a competition going on just now, the crown of Alpha Jew, the Jew that has the most shekels, so you have to post a picture of your bank account and convert it to shekels.”

On Jeremy Corbyn, he said: “He’s very very anti-Israel, as most in the Labour party are.

“He’s a bit too far left. A lot of the things he says and wants have no grounds in reality.

“For example, for rich wealthy people who have multiple homes he plans to seize them.”

His last comment was greeted with a “So, Jews?” comment from the audience, followed by laughter.

Mark Gardner, CST head of communications, said: “Whatever your view on the wisdom of the Nazi dog prosecution, this is a powerful example of how blatant antisemitism can arise from any such circumstance.”

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