Michael’s musical tribute to tragic great-grandmother

MOSAIC Voices has become one of the first Jewish vocal groups to be signed by major classical music label Chandos.

Dedicated to preserving and performing music from the Jewish tradition, the a capella vocal ensemble will release its newest album, Letter to Kamilla, next Friday.

Founder and musical director Michael Etherton was inspired by a letter his great-grandmother Kamilla wrote in July, 1942, before she was murdered in Auschwitz with her sister, Minka.

Michael, who is chief executive of UK Jewish Film, said: “The album is our response to Kamilla 80 years later, telling her we are still here, living proudly as Jews in the UK, keeping the religion alive.”

The letter, addressed to her daughter Lotte, who was living in Glossop, Derbyshire, where she worked as a domestic servant, contained everything from details of the political union between Austria and Germany to the process of degradation and the gradual loss of rights and working opportunities.

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