Emma sings the praises of Jewish Museum concert

JAZZ singer Emma Smith described her concert at the Manchester Jewish Museum on Sunday as in her top three gigs of all time... before she had even performed there.

Emma’s recent album, Meshuga Baby, is a nod to her Jewish heritage, so she was excited to be asked to perform at the museum as part of its Synagogue Nights festival.

She performed all over the world and shared the stage with megastars like Michael Buble, Robbie Williams and Seal, but Sunday’s sold out gig with pianist Jamie Safir was among her highlights.

“The first time I attended the museum I was so moved by what I learned and experienced,” the Londoner said before the show. “The museum is incredible and the synagogue has such a magical vibe.”

She says her trombone-playing grandfather was her biggest influence.

“He started from nothing, stole his first trombone — not condoning stealing here — and practised in the woods at night until he was the best,” recalled Emma, who releases a winter album, Snowbound, next Friday.

“He ended up touring and recording with some of the biggest names in history — Barbra Steisand, Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra, to name a few.”

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