Israeli rock star will lead Chanukah celebrations

ISRAELI rock star Ishay Ribo will make his UK debut during Chanukah.

Ribo, whose big break came in 2014, will perform on December 5 at London’s 02 Arena.

He has released four studio albums, two of which have been certified gold and one which went platinum. He has also collaborated with Israeli pop stars including Shlomo Artzi, Motti Steinmetz, Omer Adam and many others.

As well as songs from his back catalogue, the expected 9,000- strong audience will be treated to Chanukah songs to mark the festival.

Bedside Kosher, a charity which provides kosher hospital food, will be receiving funds from the event.

Ari Feferkorn, founder of Bedside Kosher, said: “The experience of the past 20 months has reminded us how much we need each other. I’m so pleased that this event will bring our community back together.”

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