Terror backers on our streets

HOW could the flag of an overtly terrorist organisation be permitted to be displayed openly on the streets of our capital? The rally for so-called Al Quds day is never anything more than a display of bile-spewing hatred towards Israel.

Hezbollah is a proscribed, terrorist organisation. As such, it is an illegal, unrecognised body and yet the Police either seemed powerless to act or were powerless to do so. The question is, why?

Would the flags of ISIS or the military wing of the IRA be equally welcome on the streets of London with police protecting those who proudly and brazenly wave them, rather than those whom they seek to torment? We very much doubt it.

Hezbollah is not a serious political organisation. Its prime aim is terror and its major target is Israel or anyone else who stands in its way. Since when does any legitimate political body feature an AK47 rifle prominently on its emblem?

With four major terror incidents in Britain in recent months, how could law enforcement officers have possibly allowed those flag-wavers to continue unchecked? More so, why were they not arrested? Their presence amounted to little more than race-hatred and a blatant attempt to breach the peace. They surely would have welcomed a violent response from Israel supporters, plenty of whom were present to observe the rally. But that is not the way British Jewry reacts to severe provocation. We do, however, need the guarantee of protection as the law dictates.

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