Dressing up Jew-hate

NO sooner had the maligned now former National Union of Students president Shaima Dallali been removed, and Jews on campus felt that once more they could breathe easily, than another bombshell has exploded. This time, it is student leaders at Queen Mary University, London, who have felt it necessary to endorse anti-Israel activity, dismiss concerns about antisemitism and pass a motion supporting BDS.

This is the same student union that voted to disaffiliate from the NUS following Dallaliís sacking for antisemitic comments. At the risk of repeating the same mantra, we hope the students at Queen Mary do not use computers (they are operated by Intel, invented by the dreaded Israelis), use mobile phones (whose technology was developed in Israel), take prescription medication, much of which was the result of Israeli research and development, or navigate their cars using Waze (another Israeli innovation).

While some may argue that this is students being students and that over countless decades those on campus have routinely been outspoken politically about all manner of subjects and causes, this is dangerously near the knuckle. Much of what they spout is antisemitism by any other name, however they attempt to dress it up. Jewish students say they no longer feel safe at Queen Mary and that there is a hostile environment.

Surely it is now time for the university authorities to intervene. The student leadership is obviously quite incapable of conducting its own affairs in a fair and equitable manner. What we are seeing surely amounts to discrimination and to an atmosphere which is not conducive to Jewish students being able to complete their degree courses without the pressure of having to watch their backs. This, after all, is London ó not Tehran.

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