Thwarting terrorism

THE terror attack in London on Wednesday again brings into sharp contrast just how vulnerable citizens are going innocently about their daily business. Workers and tourists, as well as a policeman doing his duty, fell victim to the actions of a terrorist. There is little that security forces or the police can do to protect every public place in Britain - or indeed in any part of the world. But there is much we can do to minimise the danger.

Despite the best efforts of the CST and synagogue security officers, those leaving shul, particularly on Shabbat and festivals, and even after weekday services, and after simchas, tend to congregate, chatting convivially.

This is an open invitation to terrorists hell-bent on carrying out the type of attack perpetrated in Westminster this week, and bearing the hallmark of previous attacks by ISIS in various parts of the world, including Israel. Crowds are a magnet to a driver determined to cause maximum damage to life and limb.

Those leaving synagogues and communal events need to exercise responsibility and avoid making the lot of terrorists so much easier by failing to disperse as soon as possible.

Those are situations which are within our control. Major tourist destinations and busy high streets are rather more difficult to manage.

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