Secrecy had to surround Tehran star’s new album

SHE may star in new espionage thriller Tehran, but the making of Liraz Charhi’s new album could easily have been one of the storylines in the AppleTV+ series.

A number of Iranians had heard her first Farsi-language album, Naz, and contacted the Israeli actress and singer online.

Musicians in Tehran sent her videos and she asked them about their work and their instruments.

And it was over that 18-month period that the songs for her new album Zan (Glitterbeat Records) — which will be released on November 13 — started to take shape.

But because Israel and Iran are fierce enemies, some of them were fearful, especially as helping an Israeli is against Iranian law, and so they asked Liraz — whose parents left Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution — not to use their real names.

And everything had to be secretive to avoid the gaze of Tehran’s mullahs and secret police.

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