Regrets? I have just two, says David as he celebrates new album

DAVID Garfield has two regrets from his stellar music career. “I regretted that when I went into first class on a flight to talk to Miles Davis that I didn’t say hello — I just stood there and looked at him and then walked back.”

And 64-year-old David’s second regret involves Pink Floyd.

The musician recalled: “I went to see Pink Floyd at a huge concert... and I left early.

“It was when they were doing The Wall — I don’t know why I left early, but for some reason I couldn’t hang there.

“My friends, who were there doing the sound, said they were looking for me afterwards. They had backstage passes for me and everything — I didn’t know.

“I found out afterwards that Peter Gabriel was there and they wanted to introduce me to him.

“I was so disappointed that I didn’t get the message to stay behind.”

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