How The Chameleon recovered from Rambo rejection to become a major Hollywood star

IT is funny how life sometimes throws up the most unexpected twists and turns.

More than 35 years ago, Shaun Toub was turned down by Sylvester Stallone for a role in Rambo — supposedly because he was too tall for the part.

The rejection did not deter Shaun, however, and his career has since gone from strength to strength with parts in hit films such as Iron Man, Crash and The Kite Runner, as well as in numerous television series, including Homeland, Scandal and Tehran.

And there were no hard feelings on his part when he bumped into Hollywood legend Stallone decades later.

“I am an Academy member and was at a lunch for his latest film, which was Creed,” Shaun told me from his home in Los Angeles.

“One of my publicists asked if I would like to go over and meet Sylvester.

“When we were introduced, he said to me, ‘I really like your work, you’re one of those actors you don’t forget’.

“Then I told him he was my first rejection and Sylvester said, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing — look at you now’.”

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