Adam gets boost from Obama as he makes his private life public

EVERY successful person has had their Damascene moment. And for Adam Weiner, it involved American president Barack Obama.

“We got word in 2015 that Barack Obama had put us on his summer Spotify playlist,” Low Cut Connie frontman Adam, who was later invited to visit the White House, told me from his home in Philadelphia.

“Suddenly this vehicle that had been going 40 miles per hour lurched forward to 90 miles per hour. That’s when things really took off.”

The band first exploded out of Philadelphia roughly a decade ago with their self-released debut, Get Out The Lotion.

And, with five albums released so far, other highlights from their impressive career include endorsements from Sir Elton John, an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and a spot on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of the Decade list.

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