IRA’s Brighton bomb did not frighten us — we just got on with things, says Thatcher’s aide

MANY would consider working as Margaret Thatcher’s political secretary, as well as leading Conservative Party leader Michael Howard’s 2005 election campaign as the definition of a ‘career’.

Yet Lord Sherbourne sees things differently.

“The word ‘career’ is a misnomer,” he told me from his home in South-West London.

“I had not planned to take on those roles, I just did things I thought would be interesting — and dropped the things that weren’t,”

Now 75, the Mancunian helped to cultivate the Tories’ victory in the 1987 General Election.

It was the third consecutive election victory for the Conservatives and the second landslide under the leadership of Mrs Thatcher.

But, for a time, those at Number 10 were less than confident of the Iron Lady gaining victory over Labour’s Neil Kinnock.

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