Tuvia shocked by antisemitism on his tour of UK and Ireland

TUVIA Tenenbom did not want to believe it at first. A committed Anglophile — and a long-time admirer of English theatre — he was sure that antisemitism would not permeate most of the places he visited in the British Isles.

Unfortunately, it proved to be the case.

Tuvia’s new book, The Taming of the Jew (Gefen Publishing), tells of his roaming around England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Wales, interacting with anyone and everyone who came his way —and most had antisemitic views.

“When I came up with the idea for the book, I knew that it was a unique time, as the final year of Brexit was approaching,” Tuvia told me from his home in Hamburg.

“I did not have any idea that the book would be about antisemitism, because I didn’t expect to see it in the UK.”

The 63-year-old had already written extensively on antisemitism in his previous books I Sleep in Hitler’s Room, Catch the Jew! and The Lies They Tell.

“I was sick and tired of writing about antisemitism,” Israel-born Tuvia said.

“I started my journey in Ireland, where the antisemitism was much more vicious.

“When it comes to the English, they hide behind a veneer of beautiful language — they say the most horrible things, but with a smile, a wink and composure.

“I never expected such antisemitism in Ireland; I mean in New York, where I also live, the Irish and the Jews get along very well.

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