Charities will be the winners of Valentine’s search for love

NATHAN Neuman bucked the trend during the first lockdown. For while many directors halted production when the pandemic began to grip the UK, he decided to form a bubble with the cast and crew of his new film #Valentines Day.

“It was like sharing a house with a family you didn’t know,” Nathan told me from his London home.

“It was an interesting experience and, luckily, it all worked out fine.

“Everyone got along, and we all had weekly Covid tests.”

#Valentine’s Day is named after lead character, Valentine Davidson (Finlay MacMillan), who hopelessly attempts to find love amid the hook-up culture and superficial relationships of social media.

John (Francis Lovehall), Val’s childhood friend, introduces him to dating apps and Snapchat, but with unforeseen consequences.

But then he meets meets Drew (Tessa Bonham-Jones).

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