Modest impresario Raymond is credited with bringing classical music to the masses

IT is with typical self-deprecation that Raymond Gubbay, in his autobiography, writes to his six grandchildren: “Please all find proper jobs and don’t ever consider following in Grandad’s footsteps”.

For the legendary impresario is known up and down the land — and is widely described as the person who had brought classical music to more people in the UK than anyone else.

Yet Raymond, whose memoirs Lowering the Tone & Raising The Roof (Quiller Press) will be published on Thursday, is modest and personable, with not a hint of arrogance about his many achievements.

“I still get a thrill out of going to performances and seeing audiences enjoying themselves,” he told me from his London home.

Incidentally, he describes his abode as being located between Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral — “neither of which are useful in my case,” he laughed.

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