Debbie stays composed for royal tribute

UNLIKE many well-known names, Debbie Wiseman never received a helping hand when she decided she wanted to pursue a career in music.

The affable Londoner had no contacts in the business, so knew that hard graft was going to be the only way to achieve her dreams.

And it is that assiduous attitude which has seen the composer and conductor soar to the top of her profession.

Debbie studied at Trinity College of Music and then the Guildhall School of Music — but initially found it difficult to establish herself.

“I’d met my husband, who was a singer, at Guildhall, and we were in a function band together, playing weddings and barmitzvahs,” Debbie told me.

“All the while, I was sending my work out to directors, but nothing happened overnight. It took a few years before I was even invited to any kind of meeting.”

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