Lisa needs proof for Austrian citizenship

LISA Aubrey, of Kent, is trying to obtain Austrian citizenship — but needs to find her grandfather and great-grandfather’s Austrian roots.

She is hoping to find birth certificates for her great-grandfather Hyman Auerbach, who was born in 1864 and her grandfather Jacob Auerbach in 1893.

Hyman was married to rebecca and had sons Jacob, Morris, Harry and Saul and daughters Cecilia, Hettie and Sarah.

Jacob moved to Manchester and changed his name to Jack Aubrey.

“I’ve done a lot of research on, but can’t find ‘proof’ that my grandfather was Austrian,” Lisa said.

“It just says Austria under the column labelled country in the 1911 Census.

“I only discovered all of this a month ago, my family never told me anything so I’m floundering around in the dark.”


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