SIMCHAS   23/3/12

Couple knew each other for 20 years


BELINDA EPSTEIN and Jonny Lipczer knew each other for 20 years before they started dating last Pesach.

And the couple were married at the Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem, by Rabbi David Milston and Belinda's brother Rabbi Daniel Epstein.

Belinda, an English primary school teacher, is the daughter of Joanne and Edward Epstein, of Salford, while Jonny, the son of Judith and Martin Lipczer, of London, is head of the British desk at World Bnei Akiva, in Israel's capital.

The couple had 17 bridesmaids and pageboys. Joining in the celebrations was the bride's grandmother Fanny Horne, as well as guests from America.

After sheva berachot in Jerusalem and Netanya, the couple have settled in Jerusalem.

Judith's Dvar Torah

Picture: Mark Burns

JUDITH Sarah Shonfield was batmitzvah at Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation, Gatley, where she gave a Dvar Torah about the Shabbat blessing and matriachs of the Jewish people.

Judith is the daughter of Diana and David Shonfield, of Cheadle, and attends King David High School with her brother Marcus, 14.

She plays the piano, loves trampolining, sewing and is involved with Yeshurun's Yesh youth group and the UJIA Ethiopian Bat/Barmitzvah project.

Grandparents Evelyn and Leonard Shonfield, of London, attended the simcha.

Granddaughter of Rev Olsberg weds in Bolton


DANIELLE OSTER, the granddaughter of Rev Leslie Olsberg, married Glaswegian Jonathan Brown at the Last Drop Hotel, Bolton.

Danielle, daughter of Frances and Ian Oster, is training to be a primary school teacher and follows in the illustrious footsteps of grandparents Rev Olsberg and Beattie Oster.

Jonathan, the son of Rose and Howard Brown, spent three years in yeshiva in Israel and is now studying economics at Manchester University.

Maids of honour were Leora Korman and Judy Showman, with bridesmaids Batsheva Azar and Libby Seitler. Page boys were the bride's cousins Jake and Daniel Oster, along with nephew Eli Tabor.

Jonathan had two best men - Rafi and Gideon Myers. His grandmother Gretta Konapate travelled from Glasgow to join the simcha as did guests from Israel and Spain.

Following sheva berachot, the couple have settled in Salford.

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