SIMCHAS   12/8/11

Ed's Italian job

HAVING met through a mutual friend, Ed Horwich and Francine Adelman married at the Grand Synagogue in Florence, Italy.

Ed, the son of the late Leslie and Celine Horwich, hails from Southport while his bride Francine, the daughter of Merton and Janice Firestone, is from Manchester.

Around 70 close friends and family, including Francine's children Lucy, Leo and Karl, made the trip to Italy to join in the celebrations.

Francine is a partner in the LINK Jewish Awareness Partnership while Ed is a commercial photographer and web designer.

Ed also finds time to regularly present the Jewish Hour on BBC Radio Manchester.

Following a honeymoon in Italy, Ed and Francine have settled in Prestwich.

Headband led to love


ONE night in May 2006, Rob Carr spotted a pink, sparkly headband and immediately complimented its wearer KIM FISHMAN.

Five years later, Rob and Kim married at Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond.

The two were attending a Jewish charity party when they hit it off over Kim's colourful headgear.

Solicitor Mark, of Newton Mearns, proposed on holiday in Spain in August 2009.

Kim, who owns online gift store, is originally from London.

She is the daughter of Ian FISHMAN and the late Angela FISHMAN, originally from Hull, while Rob, 29, is the son of Stephen and Ros CARR, of Newton Mearns.

Bridesmaids were Rob's sister Lucie Frosdick, Kim's sister-in-law Rebecca Fishman, friends Lisa Wilton and Hannah Grant and Kim's two-year-old niece Orla.

Pageboys were Jesse Fishman and Oscar Frosdick while Kim's brother Oliver was an usher. Best man was Simon Harris, of Glasgow.

Rob's grandmother Rachel Sternson, of Glasgow, watched on proudly. And family and friends joined from Australia, Israel, Canada, Norway and Italy.

Rabbi Yossi Jacobs, of Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham, who grew up with Rob in Glasgow, conducted the ceremony.

The couple, who have settled West Hampstead, London, had a mini-honeymoon in Italy, but will spend almost a month in South Africa in December.

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