Shapiro’s relief at FA’s verdict

SEDGLEY Park Celtic manager Stuart Shapiro, pictured right, has been found not guilty of strangling an opposition player by the Manchester County FA at a hearing on Tuesday.

Shapiro had been accused of the offence during a Manchester Jewish Soccer League game earlier this season.

But, he always denied it and has now accused referee Allan Black of making “totally ridiculous” statements to the FA.

He alleged: “It bore no relation to anything that happened on the day.

“You have players from the other team punching our players and getting away with it, but ours were being booked for nothing.

“The league couldn’t do anything because they try to support the referee as much as they can, which I understand, but you really find out who your friends are when something like this happens.”

Shapiro added: “The situation got totally out of hand, with Twitter wars between players etc.

“It’s been a rocky 11 weeks for me, and I’m just relieved it’s all over.”

The Manchester FA said it “found the case against Mr Shapiro, based on the balance of probability in line with FA Regulations, to be not proven.”

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