Glass refuses to shatter image

UNDER-fire wrestler Mathias Glass will NOT be dropping his chassidic gimmick.

Glass was called out by Jewish wrestler David Starr last year for portraying negative Jewish stereotypes with his chassidic garb.

And he was given until midnight on December 31 to publicly apologise and declare he would not be using the gimmick any more.

Glass even sent an apology to Starr to say that the gimmick “perpetuates negative stereotypes” and was “truly sorry” for the character.

But the saga took a more sinister turn this week when Glass went back on his word.

In a private conversation between Glass and one of Starr’s friend, which Sportsworld has seen, Glass said: “I am not leaving the gimmick behind. Not sure what he’s (Starr) talking about.”

When Glass was asked whether the apology was false, he said “I haven’t even seen anything, I have an actual life.”

Upon receiving a screenshot of the apology, Glass stopped responding.

Starr told me: “This friend of mine was actually on his side until Mathias showed that he’s a liar through this conversation.

“After being confronted with the evidence of his apology letter, he stopped responding.”

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