We want your mother here, Rivlin tells Prince Charles

RIGHT ROYAL OCCASION: Charles addresses VIPs at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

ISRAEL’S President Reuven Rivlin told Prince Charles yesterday: “We want your mother to visit us.”

It happened while the pair chatted before a ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

World leaders, kings and presidents from 46 countries were there to attend the World Holocaust Forum on Antisemitism.

Rivlin told Charles how happy he was to see him making his first official visit to Israel. Then he added: “We are still expecting your mother to come.”

The Queen has never made an official trip to Israel during her 67-year reign, and has not taken a long-haul flight for a number of years.

The president recalled how he was born as a subject of Charles’ grandfather King George VI, and how the British flag was replaced by the Israeli flag at the establishment of the state.

Before the ceremony began, Rivlin told Charles: “Antisemitism starts with the Jewish people, but we never know where it ends. Everyone needs to be very careful.

VIPs: Chatting with Benjamin Netanyahu and Reuven Rivlin

“With this gathering we show that when we are united we can fight this phenomenon.”

After chatting for almost 30 minutes, the Prince of Wales was given the rare honour of planting an English oak tree in the garden of the president’s residence.

Addressing the vast array of dignitaries at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Charles said: “The magnitude of the genocide that was visited upon the Jewish people defies comprehension and can make those who live in the shadow of those

indescribable events feel hopelessly inadequate.

“The scale of the evil was so great, the impact so profound, that it threatens to obscure the countless individual, human stories of tragedy, loss and suffering of which it was comprised.

“That is why places like Yad Vashem and events like this are so vitally important.

“My dear grandmother Princess Alice of Greece in 1943 in Nazi-occupied Athens saved a Jewish family by taking them into her home and hiding them.

“My grandmother, who is buried in the Mount of Olives, has a tree in her name at Yad Vashem.”

Charles went on: “We must never forget that every human is b’tselem elohim — in the image of God — and even a single human life is ke olam maley [like an entire universe].”

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