80 Israelis hurt in wave after wave of flying terror

THERE were several near-deadly strikes in Israel in the incoming barrage of rockets on Tuesday.

Eighty Israelis were wounded, including two hurt by rocket shrapnel, according to the country's emergency medical services.

An eight-year-old girl in Holon collapsed while running for shelter.

She lost consciousness during a rocket attack, apparently suffering a bout of heart arrhythmia brought on by anxiety.

She was later “serious” in hospital, but after electrical cardioversion treatment her condition improved.

A rocket landed on Highway 4 in Gan Yavne, creating a crater in the road.

Bus driver Daniel Hazan, who was yards from the explosion, said hours later that he was still shaking.

“Thank God no one was on the bus,” he said. “The bus was hit by shrapnel and all the windows were shattered. My heart is still pounding — it’s scary.”

A 66-year-old woman was injured and was in “moderate” condition after her home in Netivot was hit by a rocket. “As soon as the sirens sounded, my husband, my daughter and I ran to the shelter and locked it tight,” said Batsheva Hadad.

“We heard the boom and the power went out. When I came out of the shelter I saw the hole it ripped in the kitchen ceiling.

“I also saw a hole above the dining area. I cried non-stop.”

Her neighbour Naomi Davidi said: “I used to dismiss the thought of going to a shelter.

“But if I hadn’t have done so, much worse things would have happened.”

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