Satmar grand rabbi tests positive

THE grand rabbi of New York’s Kiryas Yoel branch of the Satmar chassidic community has contracted coronavirus.

It appears that Grand Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, 73, caught the virus from his personal assistant.

Sources close to him say that despite the results of the test, he’s feeling well and is in great spirits.

One of the rabbi’s aides has also tested positive for the virus, and unconfirmed reports claim several chassidic rabbis of other communities have tested positive.

It has been reported that Rabbi Teitelbaum did not at first comply with New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s social-distancing recommendations, including school closures.

The Satmar grand rabbi usually meets every day with hundreds of people who seek his advice and blessing. On Purim, he held multiple events at which there were thousands of Satmar chassidim.

Before testing positive for the virus, the rabbi had been in isolation for a week.

THE congregation of a Moscow synagogue was placed under quarantine after one of its rabbis contracted coronavirus.

Rabbi Gershon Lisus, 36, is in “stable but serious” condition.

He had attended several communal events at the Bolshaya Bronnaya Synagogue, including a recent Purim party.

The synagogue’s senior rabbi, Joseph Kogan, said: “We closed down the synagogue and asked people to go into self-isolation immediately.”

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