Pollard dedicates prison scroll to Joseph

TWELVE years after he commissioned the writing of a Torah scroll while in prison, convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has fulfilled a life-long dream by dedicating it to Joseph's Tomb.

Even back then, he said, he knew he was going to dedicate it to the tomb of biblical Joseph on the outskirts of Nablus in the West Bank.

"I feel a personal connection to this place, to Joseph who is buried here and to everything that he went through," he said during the ceremony on Monday with his wife Esther by his side.

Notable rabbis from across the country were also there.

Pollard said that faith in God had helped him during his most trying times in jail.

"The officers and the guard would routinely goad me and try to humiliate me by asking me if I thought I would ever come home, here, would I ever be with Esther,” he added.

“I always answered them the same way. I would ask them, 'Do you believe in God?’ and most of them would say yes. And then I would ask, 'Do you believe that God can perform miracles?' and they would say, 'Sure, of course’.

“Well, here we are."

Pollard was paroled from his life sentence in 2015 after serving 35 years for espionage by passing naval secrets to Israel.

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