Iran sanctions: Delighted Bibi praises Trump

PRIME Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was full of praise this week for American president Donald Trump for reimposing the sanctions on Iran.

“This is an important moment for Israel, America, the region and the entire world,” he said.

“It represents the determination to curb Iran’s aggression in the region and its ongoing intention to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

“I call upon the countries of Europe, which talk about stopping Iran, to join this measure. The time has come to stop talking and take action.”

The EU, meanwhile, said it deeply regretted the move.

Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman mocked the Europeans, saying Sacha Baron Cohen needs to “dress up as an Iranian ayatollah” to understand what is motivating the Europeans.

Baron Cohen runs a TV show in which he dresses as characters — including as an Israeli anti-terrorist expert — and provokes American public figures to say ludicrous things.

“Where is Sacha Baron Cohen when he needs to dress up as an Iranian ayatollah and meet the leaders of Europe?,” Lieberman tweeted.

“Perhaps he can understand what madness has gripped them. Europe is working to save the Iranian economy and the regime of the ayatollahs, which is responsible for a series of terror attacks and attempted attacks, including recent ones, on European soil. This is just crazy.”

Lieberman also posted a more diplomatic tweet, saying the American move is a “brave decision that will be remembered for generations”.

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