Scientists find 3 more drugs ‘to beat Covid’

Israeli scientists say they have identified three existing drugs that have good prospects as Covid-19 treatments.

Lab tests showed that the drugs can protect cells from onslaught by the virus with close to 100 per cent effectiveness.

“This means that almost 100 per cent of the cells lived despite being infected by the virus,” said Hebrew University biochemist Professor Isaiah Arkin, who is behind the research.

“In normal circumstances, around half the cells would have died after two days following contact with the virus.”

He added there are strong indications that the drugs will be robust against changing variants.

Prof Arkin said that he screened more than 3,000 medicines for suitability in what he describes as a needle-in-a-haystack search.

He hopes to work with a pharmaceutical company to quickly get the medicines he identified clinically tested for Covid treatment.

“We have the vaccine, but we shouldn’t rest on our laurels,” he added.

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