Senesh’s last letter published

JERUSALEM: On May 20, 1944, somewhere near the Yugoslavian-Hungarian border, Hannah Senesh sat down to pen what would become the last letter she would send to her beloved brother George. It has been published in Israel for the first time.

Two months earlier, the poet and poet and Special Operations Executive paratrooper had parachuted into the area together with the British army, and after a few weeks she was captured by the Hungarian army.

Despite severe torture, Senseh refused to give up details of the mission or its members and six months later was executed by a firing squad.

The letter was written in English since all letters were required to go through the British military censorship before sent to their intended recipients. She wanted to ensure the letter would be approved without any issues so that it would make it to her brother.

She wrote that she is “quite ‘O-K,’ and that’s all.” She asks her brother to write a letter in her name to their mother, permitting him to fake her signature, though not on financial documents.

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