Aussies score flag own goal

THE Australian Football League told fans that an Israeli flag “should not have been permitted” at a North Melbourne-West Coast game on Saturday, but later reversed the decision.

The Israeli flag and Magen Davids were held by a young fan in support of Harry Sheezel, a Jewish player in the team, who has been subject to a number of antisemitic comments.

A senior AFL security official is alleged to have written in an email: “Once identified, it should have been requested to be seized/confiscated or the patron in possession requested to leave if they refused to surrender the flag.”

But after complaints from Zionism Victoria, the AFL said it wants fans “to celebrate their clubs and players and if that includes displaying national flags that amplify any of their team players’ heritage then the AFL is fully supportive.

“We should celebrate our players and the game any chance we get”.

Hopefully heads will roll at the AFL.

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