Listen to words of Topol, Gary

I SAY it again: we are extremely lucky to live in the 21st century.

Life expectancy is much greater than before (except in the Third World and Glasgow); women can have as few children as they want; and they can divorce their husbands as soon as they realise theyve married an a******* (most married women eventually come round to that conclusion).

With a sat nav you can drive from A to B without getting lost and falling out (I told you we should have taken that right turn a mile back, you stupid . . .).

But the best bit about modern life has to be All4, the Channel 4 catch-up service featuring TV programmes from years ago.

For the past few weeks Ive been glued to The Tudors, which focuses exclusively on Henry VIII (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.)

Im well into series four now and must be getting near the end because Henry has just married wife number six and hes not feeling too great.

Whats unusually good about this series is that it sticks closely to the facts.

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