Calf’s foot jelly

JEWISH Telegraph reader David Mintz sent in this recipe for calf’s foot jelly — also known as p’tcha — after it was eliminated in the first round of our online Jewish Food World Cup. The recipe originates from Mancunian Jean Last, the mother of Suzanne Zatman and Angela Gordon. The winner of the JT Food World Cup was, of course, chicken soup with kneidlach.


  • 2 feet or knuckle bones
  • ¾-1lb shin
  • Water to barely cover
  • 5 or more cloves of garlic
  • 1 large onion
  • Salt and pepper
  • Eggs, hard-boiled

Boil all the above until tender for about three to four hours.

Leave until cool then strain, keeping the cooking liquid, meat and garlic and onion.

Throw away the bones.

Mince the meat, onion and garlic or chop in the food processor until quite fine then add to the strained liquid. Add more garlic to taste. Bring back to the boil for 1 minute then pour into shallow trays.

Lay slices of hard-boiled egg on the top and leave until cool then put in the fridge to set.

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