Do demonstrators not have mind of their own?

WHILE I may fundamentally disagree with him, Joshua Rowe is perfectly entitled to promote the unvarnished Netanyahu line to whoever will listen (March 17).

I neither expected nor found anything new or at all surprising in his restatement of the official Likud/Herut position which I would be happy to debate with him, though not here.

But what he is not entitled to do is to mischaracterise the vast number of concerned Israeli citizens as dishonest and useful idiots, manipulated by the press and their “leaders” into believing a pile of lies.

A poll reports that 18.5 per cent have been to at least one demonstration, equivalent to about 1.7 million people.

Do none of them have a mind of their own?

President Isaac Herzog has not been slow to express his concerns in the gravest terms.

Does Mr Rowe include him in that description?

Where I do agree with Mr Rowe is that all of this could have been avoided if the opposition parties had swallowed their pride and, however distastefully, joined the government to keep the ultranationalists at bay, if only as the least bad alternative.

That is what invariably happens ideology takes over from good sense.

David Kaye,

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